Why we’re especially excited about Crete

As former residents of a kick-ass apartment in a city with one of the world’s busiest transit airports, we know the advantages of having a homely place to stay for a few days while travelling. We hosted a number of cool peeps who would arrive exhausted and drained after backpacking through Southeast Asia, trekking through medieval hospitality in Nepal or via Singapore from or en route to Europe, and we found it was the simple things that people missed the most — things that we took for granted at the time: A washing machine, Internet, Vegetables, E! channel.

So after being on the move for 5 months now, staying no longer than a few nights in any one bed (missing all the things our travelling friends and families cherished so much), we are more than ready to stay in someone’s kick-ass, air conditioned condo with a giant deserted pool. But unless that’s offered to us in the next few days, we’ll be making our way to Crête.

The inspiration for Crête is kind of geeky. We have both read Christopher Macdougall’s fabulous book “Natural born heroes — a story about the audacious kidnapping of a German General on Crête in WWII and how the British and Kiwi misfit kidnappers drew on the local diet, culture of heroism and natural movement to pull-off a daring and seemingly impossible task. It described Crête as a destination full of history, with hospitable locals and fantastic running trails.


As we were compiling a very long and aspirational list of all the things we wanted to do in when we would finally have a ‘home’ Rosie said jokingly “Man, we’re going to be superheroes after this!” and in actual fact this is exactly what we’re training to do. Macdougall explains that the ancient greeks believed anyone could unlock superhuman potential by mastering the three pillars of heroism: skill, strength, and compassion. In short, heroism is learned and in Greece, Crête was the epicentre of heroism.

Crête will be both a sanctuary and a training ground for us to learn to be heroes of our own lives as we frantically try to learn how to bake bread, trail run everyday, design more web pages, learn languages, read, practise yoga, cook…

Written by Jeff

Originally published at Fastpack Journal.