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Fat. So?

Clothes that fit both waist and budget!

In essence, I have only missed writing one blog post and yet it feels like ages! I had to take a break, post the emotional upheaval I mentioned here. I took a few days off with zero responsibility, then had to slowly wind my way back to being a functional human being. Can’t say am there yet but I will soon be taking a few weeks off for a real holiday (fingers crossed the third wave does not scupper plans), and I can barely wait to switch off!

I am grateful I have amazing people, who understand, give me the space and allow my being dysfunctional without giving up on me. Ameya being one of them of course. And speaking of Ameya — the gift that keeps giving, she brought a wondrous discovery into my life recently — this post is dedicated to that…

She found that Myntra stocks clothes in larger sizes and they actually fit! She bought a gorgeous twirly dress that I tried on as well and was stunned. That started me on a quest and I have since then ordered not just dresses but also culottes and palazzos and shorts! Shorts people, shorts that fit me and I can lounge around in and just …. oh my god!

Now those of you who have seen me or my pictures know I love my flowy outfits, and I do — I love wearing them, they make me feel good and they’re a style that will never grow old. But they don’t work when one is in a loungy mood at home. Additionally, getting clothes made for my size is an expensive proposition and one that I have chosen not to spend on since I stopped a full time job in 2019 summer. Slowly and steadily therefore my stock of home clothes is now down to 3 kaftans I wear on repeat and are fast becoming more holes than cloth.

I was revving up budget and courage to go get some stuff made when lo and behold we found Myntra. It’s reasonably priced, fits me and is delivered to me within days and I can return, if it doesn’t — just like that. Click of a button! Now these are not clothes I would wear formally or to a party — but they are totally clothes I can wear informally and at home which is delightful. They aren’t the kind material I love, but for the purpose intended and the price — they are fairly reasonable fabric.

Most importantly, if my nightmare of losing my luggage ever comes to pass — I know I can find clothes that I can order in a jiffy and wear happily. And that my friends is HUGELY empowering for me! The one thing that has always, always been a sore point for me is the effort I need to make to get clothes that fit and look good. And I often wonder whether I can ever live outside Delhi given how dependent I am on customised clothes. Well I’m definitely feeling a lot better about this.

A world of opportunity has just opened up for me! The flexibility this gives me for outings, travels, trips, date night etc. etc. is phenomenal!

Last but not the least is Ameya’s glee at how much of my bare skin she’s getting to see — legs and arms and … well before you say TMI, I will stop here. Here are the links to the clothes that have fit and that I am enjoying wearing these days! Go forth and shop! Myntra — I hope you guys are listening to all the “shouting out” we’re doing ;)

These shorts in size 44 by Revolution, available in different colors.

This really fun lounge around dress in XXL which given the material will work better when it’s colder.

This dress in XXL which is absolutely gorgeous, I would totally wear this out just like Meya. Meya has these in multiple colors and we have been witnessing much jaw dropping, as she twirls about in them ;)

Culottes that fit and look good! Got these in Size 44.



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