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Meet the kittehs

I’m struggling to find blog inspiration today, so I thought that, now that Pallavi and I are in the same house and the beasties have had their fatso debut, I should officially introduce y’all.

(Pallavi interrupts, “Factually incorrect, Sheru has not had his debut.”)

This handsome boi is Nawab Harami Miaon, aka Sheru, aka “Stop that you little shit!” He is most doglike in that he comes when called and loves humans and pets. However, last year he ran away for a month and when he came back he had changed into a scaredy cat who attacks his sister every time he’s a little upset, causing much drama in the house, sigh.

Sheru loves to sleep, especially in weird ways, birthing the hit hashtag #HowSheruSleeps. He specially likes to burrow under clothes and sleep, and usually unmakes the bed 5 minutes after it’s made. It’s very useful though — just toss a sheet over him and he passes out. These days he likes to nap on Pallavi’s feet while she works, and purr and rub himself all over her study.

This fancy lady is Rajmata Agneshwari Devi, aka Agni, aka uggsie. She is a lot braver than her brother, but she also takes her time to explore things and people before going up to them. She really likes to climb shit, and is a super stealthy sneak. She figured out how to open our kitchen door (sliding and held closed with magnets) so we now have to tie it shut with string at night. And she still keeps trying to open it.

She doesn’t sleep as much as her brother, which is why it takes great sneakiness to get a photo like this. It’s next to impossible to come up on her without waking her up. She’s so sneaky, I made a Dungeons and Dragons character based on her, and it works really well. She is usually quiet, but once she accepts you as friend, she will shamelessly demand pets, by yelling, purring, tripping you up, lying on the floor and wiggling her butt at you. But she will not stay still for the pets, thus luring Pallavi (it doesn’t work on me) wherever she wants to go.

Both these two rascals love nothing more than sitting in my clean laundry (sigh), scattering litter all over the house and generally behaving like they are neglected and abused instead of royal critters with their own custom built catio. Still, soft warm fuzzy purry kitties are the best thing ever, so no complaints here!

This is the blog for the Fat. So? Podcast, where Pallavi and Ameya talk about the joys and sorrows of being fat women in India.

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Ameya Nagarajan

Ameya Nagarajan

Fat activist, cat lady, cook, amateur anthropologist, podcaster, collector of people

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