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Eddie’s Legacy — Guitar Legend, Rock Icon, Music Virtuoso, Creative Genius, Friend, Fighter, Father

It’s been a few days now since the passing of Eddie Van Halen, the legendary and innovative guitarist from the band, Van Halen. If you did not know that already, I guess you would not have clicked to view this. But, hey, if you didn’t know, welcome anyways. I bet Eddie would be glad you are here. I’ve seen all sorts of memorializing of him, but I figured I would share mine. And not just about Eddie, but Van Halen the band, which he obviously had a profound impact on their sound.

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If you were like many kids of the 80’s, you probably remember dancing to Michael Jackson or Mickey Mouse’s Mousercise record. They were great and all, but suddenly in 1984 this record comes out by the same name from Van Halen that flipped a lot of kids minds and what they wanted to listen to. Then a few videos make there way onto the Mtv rotation, and we catch the greatest children’s song ever, “Jump”. You suddenly see these wild guys wearing a mix of bright clothes, tattered clothes, spandex, and fishnet like they robbed the closet of their mom’s , the local coke dealer, and Rick James’ closets. They are running around doing splits and goofy dance moves, smiling and laughing with each other. Then there was Michael Anthony who looked like his mom dressed him to go to their Yacht club and was pulled off the street and handed a bass. But, his style added to the lure. He made Van Halen’s style accessible to more people. The dancing makes you forget how basic the video really was. But, that’s what makes it great, it allows you to focus on the crazy energy of the band. …


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