With no extended family this Thanksgiving to watch the kids while you drink all the spiked cider, get your gobble gobble turkey wobble on!

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Hang on with us just a little bit longer. 2020 will be over soon. But in the meantime, breathe some life into your family by showing off your old school dance moves. …

18 Months and Counting, His Tastes Have Evolved

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This post contains affiliate links. They were very carefully curated because I liked the products myself and I think you would do well with them. If you use these links to buy something I recommended I may earn a commission from that purchase, to which I am greatly appreciative. Thank you for reading my post and contributing to my coffee fund.

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Man, kids grow fast. It seems like only yesterday my son was lying on his back, rocking side to side like a turtle left on its back. Now, he’s a little man on the move. So, certainly the mobiles, and excitement over a little mirror or mom’s boob have long faded. But, at 18 months, what makes his world turn, and what does he excel at? …

18 Months of Training and All He Gave Me Was a…

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My son isn’t quite old enough yet to have developed much of a vocabulary. But, I will say this has been one of the most exciting times for me as a dad. And I probably say that with each passing day, though. I love my son.

I really love the babbling conversations my son and I have that make absolutely no sense to anyone, but yet they do to us. You can feel the sprockets churning inside his head as his brain cells are working over time building up his vocabulary. …

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Don’t Waste Your Money on the Chest Carries That Last Only a Few Months

I remember before my son was born, my wife and I spent so much time researching and looking for the right carrier that would fit me, or fit us both to be able to carry our son around.

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Eddie’s Legacy — Guitar Legend, Rock Icon, Music Virtuoso, Creative Genius, Friend, Fighter, Father

It’s been a few days now since the passing of Eddie Van Halen, the legendary and innovative guitarist from the band, Van Halen. If you did not know that already, I guess you would not have clicked to view this. But, hey, if you didn’t know, welcome anyways. I bet Eddie would be glad you are here. I’ve seen all sorts of memorializing of him, but I figured I would share mine. And not just about Eddie, but Van Halen the band, which he obviously had a profound impact on their sound.

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If you were like many kids of the 80’s, you probably remember dancing to Michael Jackson or Mickey Mouse’s Mousercise record. They were great and all, but suddenly in 1984 this record comes out by the same name from Van Halen that flipped a lot of kids minds and what they wanted to listen to. Then a few videos make there way onto the Mtv rotation, and we catch the greatest children’s song ever, “Jump”. You suddenly see these wild guys wearing a mix of bright clothes, tattered clothes, spandex, and fishnet like they robbed the closet of their mom’s , the local coke dealer, and Rick James’ closets. They are running around doing splits and goofy dance moves, smiling and laughing with each other. Then there was Michael Anthony who looked like his mom dressed him to go to their Yacht club and was pulled off the street and handed a bass. But, his style added to the lure. He made Van Halen’s style accessible to more people. The dancing makes you forget how basic the video really was. But, that’s what makes it great, it allows you to focus on the crazy energy of the band. …

If we learned anything as children, its that Knowing is Half the Battle.

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What are some of your favorite books that have supported the beginning of your journey into fatherhood?

Disclosure, this post contains affiliate links. First, they were carefully chosen by me because I like the products that they link to. Second, if you use these links to buy something I recommended, thank you for allowing me to impact your life. Third, I may earn a commission from that purchase. Fourth, I hopefully can buy a coffee with said commissions. Fifth, thanks for helping me buy a coffee.

Starting my fatherhood journey I was really into two particular books. Gary Greenberg’s, “Be Prepared,” and “The Baby Owner’s Manual” by Louis Borgenicht M.D. and Joe Borgenicht.

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Be Prepared reads like a wilderness survival or boy scout handbook. The scout motto is “be prepared”, so that’s maybe a big reason why it resonated with me. I am an Eagle Scout after all. …

Your resource for fathers and their supporting cast members.

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Welcome to Father & Co., a new publication to discuss and share various topics around fatherhood, as well as the supporting members of your tribe who support you (or impede you) raising your children.

Here are some questions we hope to answer for you: What does fatherhood mean to you? What defines a father figure? What’s the current definition of a father and their role to their children in present times? …

A poem for parents

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Dogs are kids
Kids are dogs
Raise them the same
They value the same
Raise them different
Confuse their imprint
Teach either to love
They will love
Teach either to hate
They will hate
Raise them right
They won’t bite
Unless you tell them to
If they value the pack
All defend from attack
If they value themselves
We did right for ourselves

A poem for my son.

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From the moment I first opened my eyes
It was loud and bright but blurry
I remember her voice as I met mommy
But I was taken from her in a hurry

I didn’t start out my life so easy
Mommy was so worried for lil’ me
But it was for all to be short lived
I soon began to meet my family tree

Since I’ve finally left where I met my parents
I met more of my family and my home
Each day I listen and learn and play
I’ve also done all sorts and really grown

I may be new unto this great big world
But I love all it has given me so far
I’ve got a great family filled with love and joy
I can’t wait for my next trip in…

Zzzz…sorry I fell asleep in the car.


Father & Co.

“The best way of training the young is to train yourself at the same time.” — Plato

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