#7 Keep Smiling

Photo Credit: Eric Flexyourhead

Dear R&M,
If I had a dollar for every time I discovered my grandmother was right, I’d be a rich man. My grandmother as you know, did not have an easy life — losing 5 of 11 kids, then her husband and having to raise her remaining kids while moving from the village to the city. Yet she was a big believer in smiling — not necessarily grinning but certainly having a positive attitude with a smile.

Now science has finally caught up with my grandma — and says even if you fake it, the act of smiling can itself make you happy. Yes you read that right, the simple act of smiling can lower stress, mitigate depression and can make you happy. So while it’s easy for me to urge you to believe in yourself and stay positive — here’s one little trick, with no other aids required, that an help you do that. As with most great truths or even good habits, knowing this is easy but remembering it and practicing it is hard — it doesn’t have to be.

Keep smiling and even as it lifts your own mood, it will also intrigue others and that is never a bad thing! Let see those pearly whites more often.

For more information read,
The Science Behind the Smile, Harvard Business Review
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