How to submit localized image annotations to FathomNet

Brian Schlining
May 5 · 5 min read

Phase 1 — Prepare your images and localized annotations

Step 1 — Make your images publicly accessible

Step 2 — Add localizations using your favorite annotation tool

Step 3— Format your localizations as a CSV file

Example CSV file with the required header row and two bounding boxes
Image Coordinate System. Origin is upper-left. +X is right. +Y is down.

Optional Columns

Example illustrating annotating the a whole organism, Nanomia, in red versus annotating a part of an organism, the Nanomia’s nectosome, in yellow.
Acceptable date formats

Additional Columns

Phase 2 — Upload your localized annotations

Step 1 — Sign in to FathomNet using a Google account

Step 2 — Navigate to your collections page

Step 3 — Click the ‘Add collection’ button

Step 4 — Fill out the required DarwinCore metadata

Step 5 — Upload your CSV file

Phase 3— Viewing your collection

Click ‘My collections’
View all of your uploaded image collections
View of a Collection


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