Drew Brees Dominates Week 12

Football Analytics Today presents our NFL Quarterback Grading System: Week-Twelve FAT Grades

Release the FAT, Drew!

In his 16th season at the pro-level, Drew Brees continues his dominance week over week. He had the best Quarterback performance in week 12 versus the Rams with 30 accurate throws (88.2%), three inaccurate passes and one ball tipped at the line-of-scrimmage. He accounted for four passing touchdowns and was under pressure 24 times avoiding two sacks on only 39 scorable plays. He produced the second best weekly QB performance through 12 weeks of grading.

Through 12 weeks of QB evaluations and over 14,400 plays evaluated, our overall QB rankings continues to see Brees at the top. He’s amassed 1,870 air-yards (5th in the NFL), a 71.5% completion percentage (1st in the league) and 30 passing touchdowns based on the regular NFL box score. He’s the only QB above 90 (out of 100) in our FAT grades. See where the other QBs rank through 12 weeks in our overall FAT grades screenshot below.

Our Week-Twelve QB FAT Grades

After grading week 12 of the 2016 season, here’s our our NFL QB FAT Grades for the week 12 games:


  • FAT Score is the the total points for that QB for that week’s game.
  • FAT Grade is a normalized version of our FAT Score divided by the QB’s “scorable play count” for that week’s game (we now include this number in the visual below).
Week 12 NFL QB FAT Grades

Niners vs Phins Breakdown

Week 12 featured a great QB match-up between Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill. Overall, both QBs had a solid game. Kaepernick did most of his damage using his legs to attack the Dolphins defense. They had no answer for Kaepernick as he gained 113 yards on only 10 attempts, five of which for a first down. Kaepernick’s arm was nearly as effective as he threw 10 inaccurate passes. Most of his inaccurate passes were due to his inability to put some touch on his throws. In the end, Kaepernick played well enough to win the game. On the final drive, he took the Niners down the field and into the red-zone. Down 31–24, Kaepernick had two plays with five seconds left in the game to tie it up and send it into overtime. Although he played well enough to get to this point, Kaep and the Niners failed to score.

Tannehill played a solid game. He carved up the 49ers secondary by throwing 22 accurate passes (73%), and wasn’t afraid to throw it deep. Six of his passes were 20+ air-yards (one of those being for 45-air yards to Devante Parker). What gave Tannehill the edge over Kaep in week 12 was his efficiency within the 37 scorable plays. He threw over 90% accurate or catchable balls to his receivers and averaged over eight air-yards per throw.

Overall NFL QB Rankings by FAT Grade

Now that we have some data, we compiled the overall performances of all QBs that have played at least four games. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Overall QB Performance in 2016 through 12 Weeks

Why FAT?

Here’s a recap: a group of us that grew up together in sunny South Florida developed what began as an idea into a living, breathing football entertainment and analysis platform. Our goal is to bring fun to an audience that may be skeptical or intimidated by the thought of using numbers and analytics to evaluate the unpredictability of sports. We’re not some suit and tie folks with a calculator. We eat, breathe, and sleep the spirit and community of sports — football in particular.

We’ve been working on a Quarterback grading system that goes beyond the post-game stat-line. It’s an evaluation tool that reviews every single play of every single quarterback (that plays) from every single game. At the end of the day, we all know what matters most are wins and losses. But, we want to help fans become more knowledgeable about why these outcomes are occurring and what they can expect going forward by providing a more thorough evaluation on a game-by-game basis.

The Football Analytics Today Takeover!

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As you read this, we are in the process of grading week-thirteen games. We will continue to build our player-grading system, looking for ways to improve our Player Actions and the way we capture data. We truly would appreciate your feedback as our goal is not only to fairly evaluate NFL players but to involve the football community from the ground up.

We’re always looking forward to hearing your feedback.

-FAT Team

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