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If you are serious about learning Kubernetes, you should focus on in-depth tutorials and practical use cases. It’s not hard to find beginner contents about Kubernetes. In this list, we will identify some good posts to learn Kubernetes. We created another list of the best stories Faun members written in publication, you can check it here.

Aymen El Amri
Dec 23, 2019 · 17 min read

This ranking does not follow any particular order.

Kubernetes — flat, NAT-less Networking

by ankur

Kubernetes Security — Are your Container Doors Open?

by Gourav Gulati

Writing Your First Kubernetes Operator

by Xavier Coulon

Using Kubernetes for Local Development — Minikube

by Aymen El Amri

Production grade Kubernetes Monitoring using Prometheus


Configuring HA Kubernetes cluster on bare metal servers with kubeadm.

by Alexey Nizhegolenko

A Gentle Introduction to Kubernetes

by Aymen El Amri

An Overall View On Docker Ecosystem — Containers, Moby, Swarm, Linuxkit, containerd & Kubernetes

by Aymen El Amri

Google Kubernetes Engine; Explain Like I’m Five!

by Aymen El Amri

Dockerize your Java Application

by Garrett Sweeney

Security problems of Kops default deployments

by Josselin Costanzi

Playing with AKS & AAD

by Houssem Dellai

Istio step-by-step, a 12-part series

by Nethmini Romina

Highly Available and Scalable Elasticsearch on Kubernetes


How to Pass Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam on first Attempt

by Prudhvi Godithi

Why I no longer use Terraform for Templating Kubernetes

by Christopher Stobie

Scaling MongoDB on Kubernetes


How to Setup a Perfect Kubernetes Cluster using KOPS on AWS

by Krishna Modi

How to Deploy a Express Node.js app on Kubernetes

by Brian Mathews

Kubernetes Headless service vs ClusterIP and traffic distribution

by ismail yenigül

How to Create an API Gateway using Ambassador on Kubernetes

by Krishna Modi

How to inject chaos on Kubernetes resources using LitmusChaos

by Raj Babu Das

Get Started with Istio and Kubernetes

by Sofyan Hadi Ahmad

Rancher : One place for all Kubernetes Clusters

by Saiyam Pathak

Application Rollout Strategies — Kubernetes & Istio

by Gokul Chandra

Ballerina makes Kubernetes more “Boring”

by Lakmal Warusawithana

Could a Kubernetes Operator become the guardian of your ConfigMaps

by Carlos Vicens

How to Setup Scalable Jenkins on Kubernetes

by Kasun Sameera

Kubernetes pod security 101

by Scott Coulton

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm. Who’s the bigger and better?

by Cloud_Freak

Exploring CICD in Kubernetes Cluster — AWS Part

by Johanes Glenn

Deploying and Scaling Jenkins on Kubernetes

by Anup Dubey

Standardizing deployment patterns using Helm Chart

by Kenichi Shibata

Don’t forget to check the Part II of this series.

Install KubeSphere on GKE cluster

by Feynman

Connect Deeper

From security, networking to storage and common operations, the above tutorials and stories from our wonderful community are great resources to learn Kubernetes and go beyond the basics.

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