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DevOps Links Tag Cloud


[Agility] Common Agile Adoption Mistakes

[Agility] Agile Modeling Best Practices


[Ansible] Learning DevOps: Automated setup and cloud VM provisioning with Ansible

[Ansible] [Ruby] Deploying a Ruby Application with Ansible


[Automation] [Spotify] Managing Machines at Spotify


[AWS] Explore Continuous Delivery in AWS with the Pipeline Starter Kit

[AWS] 10 Lessons from 10 Years of Amazon Web Service

[AWS] [Ansible] Painless Immutable Infrastructure with Ansible and AWS

[Aws] [Databases] AWS Launches Relational Database Migration Service

[AWS][EC2] My approach at making AWS EC2 affordable: Automatic replacement of Autoscaling nodes with equivalent spot instances

[AWS][IoT] How AWS IoT Works

[AWS] [Opinion] Don’t believe the HYPE: Dedicated Hosting is 3x cheaper than AWS

[AWS] [Tools] Connect To Instances Using Tags And Metadata Instead Of Hostnames


[Azure][Elasticsearch] The Definitive Guide for Elasticsearch 2.X on Microsoft Azure

[Azure][MachineLearning] Machine learning algorithm cheat sheet for Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio


[Bash] [Tutorial] Improving Bash Forensics Capabilities

Best Practices

[Best Practices] Server Naming Conventions and Best Practices


[BigData] Building big data systems in academia and industry

[Big Data] Big Data Landscape 2016 — Graphic

[BigData] 10 Most Successful Big Data Technologies


[ChatOps] How ChatOps can revolutionize your business

[ChatOps][Slack] How to create a custom Slack integration using webhooks


[Cloud] 5 Innovative Uses for Cloud Technology

[Cloud] [Methodology] IBM Launches Cloud Application Development Methodology


[Containers] LXD 2.0: Introduction to LXD

[Containers] Linux is so grown up, it’s ready for marriage with containers

[Containers][Tutorial] Build Your Own Container Using Less than 100 Lines of Go

Continuous Delivery

[Continuous Delivery] Visualizations of Continuous Delivery

[Continuous Delivery] [Podcast] Staging Servers Must Die


[ContinuousDeployment][Instagram] Continuous Deployment at Instagram


[Courses] Free Open Source Cloud Infrastructure Course


[Culture] Goodbye war room, hello DevOps 2.0


[DataScience][DataOps] Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and DevOps

[DataScience][Discussion] Career change into data science


[Debian] Beta Released Of Devuan, The Systemd-Free Version Of Debian


[Dev] [Infographic] Which Programming Language Should You Learn


[DevOps] The Complete DevOps Glossary

[DevOps][Kanban] Improving DevOps Flow with Kanban

[DevOps] [Opinion] Disciplined DevOps

[DevOps][Perl] With the Rise of DevOps, Perl Shows Its Muscle

[DevOps Tools] 30 Must-Have Tools to Support DevOps

[DevOps] [Tools] 8 more cool tools for devops success


[Discussion] What are examples of GitHub repositories with high code quality?

[Discussion] SysAdmins, What does your workstation look like?


[Docker] Running a web application using Docker + Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04

[Docker] CI/CD with Docker Cloud

[Docker] How the Hell Do I Run Docker in Production? And Will it Scale?

[Docker] Monitoring Docker Containers — Docker Stats, cAdvisor, Universal Control Plane

[Docker] Docker Quicktip #7: docker ps –format

[Docker][Azure] Using Docker Machine with Azure

[Docker][BestPractices] 9 Critical Decisions for Running Docker in Production

[Docker] [Best Practices] Docker Security Best Practices

[Docker][BestPractices] 10 things to avoid in docker containers

[Docker][ContinuousDeployment] Continuous Deployment with Containers

[Docker][Django] Start Django project with Docker

[Docker][DockerFlow] Docker Flow — Walkthrough

[Docker][Guide] Get hands-on with Docker through a dozen self-paced and progressive labs.

[Docker][Heroku] Docker vs. Heroku

[Docker][Jenkins] Get Started with Jenkins 2.0 with Docker

[Docker] [KVM] Package and Run Virtual Machines as Docker Containers

[Docker] [Mariadb] Zero to HA Mariadb and Docker Swarm in under 15 minutes

[Docker][Networking] What is Docker networking?

[Docker] [News] Docker Goes Native for Windows and Mac

[Docker] [Node] How to Dockerize your Node application

[Docker][NodeJS] Lessons from Building a Node App in Docker

[Docker][NodeJS] Continuous Integration and deployment with Jenkins and Node.js

[Docker] [PHP] Dockerizing a PHP application

[Docker][Production] 9 Decisions for Running Docker in Production

[Docker][Productivity] 5 reasons to use Docker for productivity software installation

[Docker] [Raspberry Pi] Experimenting with Docker on a Raspberry Pi

[Docker][Security] 22 new concerns added to Docker security benchmark

[Docker][Swarm] What you need to know about Storage in Docker 1.11 and Swarm 1.2

[Docker][TerraForm] Bootstrapping Docker Infrastructure With Terraform

[Docker][Tips] Docker Tips

[Docker] [Tutorials] 10 Awesome Docker Tutorials to Kick-Start your DevOps Projects

[Docker] [Video] What Is This Docker Thing?

[Docker] [Virtualization] Containers are not VMs

[Docker][Windows] Docker For Windows Beta

[Docker][WordPress] The Curious Case of the WordPress Docker Container and the Devious XML-RPC Denial of Service Attack


[ElasticSearch] Lessons Learned From A Year Of Elasticsearch In Production


[Git][Tutorial] Git Pull vs Git Fetch (and Stashing)


[Golang] Using Golang for Virtual Machine Management


[HAproxy] [MariaDB] How to setup HAProxy as Load Balancer for MariaDB on CentOS 7


[InfrastructureAsCode][AWS] Infrastructure As Code : Automating AWS ec2 Virtual Machines Using SaltStack


[Infrastructure][ExperienceSharing] How We Saved $132k a Year With an IT Infrastructure Audit


[Interview][Docker][Git] Decoding DevOps, Docker, and Git


[IoT] Analyze device-generated data with AWS IoT and Amazon Elasticsearch Service


[ITIL vs DevOps] ITIL® Vs. DevOps! 25 Influential Experts Share Their Insights (Is ITIL® Agile Enough)


[Juju] Playing with the Juju 2.0 Beta — Video


[Kanban] What is Kanban ?


[Kubernetes][Ansible][TerraForm] Deploying Kubernetes with Ansible and Terraform


[Linux Tools] Tcpdump is amazing


[Message Queues] Comparison of Asynchronous Messaging Technologies: JMS, AMQP, and MQTT


[Microservices] The 12 Goals of Microservices

[Microservices] 4 Things You Should Know About Databases In A Microservices Environment

[Microservices] Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture

[Microservices] [Netflix] Why Netflix Moved to a Microservices Architecture

[Microservices][Opinion] Guest View: Microservices force companies to innovate or die

[Microservices][Scalability] Distributed tracing — the most wanted and missed tool in the micro-service world.

[Microservices] [Serverless] Building serverless microservices with Zappa and Flask


[Monitoring] Enabling JMX Monitoring for Hadoop And Hive


[Networking][Tutorial] The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch

[Network] [TCP] [UDP] Once Again on TCP vs UDP


[Nginx] Telstra invests in NGINX web server

[Nginx] Introducing NGINX 1.10 and 1.11

[Nginx] [Chef] [HA] Deploying NGINX Plus for High Availability with Chef


[Nomad] Lessons Learned from Scheduling One Million Containers with HashiCorp Nomad


[OpenStack][Interview] A newcomer’s guide to navigating OpenStack Infrastructure

[OpenStack] [Tutorial] Hands on with OpenStack


[Opinion] DevOps Certification — Part 2

[Opinion] When Should I Break My Application into Multiple Containers?

[Opinion] DevOps Is Dead

[Opinion] How do you review code?

[Opinion] Windows? Linux? The OS is dead, killed by the cloud

[Opinion] Go DevOps before your bosses force you to. It’ll be easier that way

[Opinion] [Culture] From DEVOPS to devops

[Opinion][Deployment] Stop deploying packages

[Opinion] [DevOps] Video games taught me a lot about DevOps

[Opinion][SoftwareDevelopment] Software Rewrite: The Chase


[Performance] [Javascript] Web Page Performance Death by a Thousand Tiny Cuts

[Performance] [php] How Badoo saved one million dollars switching to PHP7

[WebPerformance] Web performance testing: Top 12 free and open source tools to consider


[Python] Why Are There So Many Pythons? A Python Implementation Comparison


[SaltStack] Saltstack From Scratch

[SaltStack] Managing Linux server configs with the SaltStack

[SaltStack] [Linode] Using SaltStack with Linode Cloud

[SaltStack] [Targeting] Advanced SaltStack Targeting


[Scalability][ExperienceSharing] How Twitter Handles 3,000 Images Per Second

[Scalability][Python] Making 1 million requests with python-aiohttp


[Scripting] 10 Tools To Add Some Spice To Your UNIX Shell Scripts


[Security] BlackArch Linux Now Provides over 1,400 Penetration Testing Tools

[Security] 9 biggest information security threats through 2018

[Security] Linux botnet attacks increase in scale

[Security][MongoDB] MongoDB DB containing 93.4 million Mexican voter records open online

[Security][Ubuntu] Snap packaging could reveal private data in Ubuntu 16.04 version


[SoftwareTesting] How to Run JMeter With Jenkins


[Spark] [Flink] Apache Showdown: Flink vs. Spark


[Storage][Azure] Introduction To Azure Storage Services

[Storage][ColdStorage] Backing up 18 years in 8 hours

[Storage][Containers] Is Persistent Storage Good For Containers?

[Storage][Opinion] Storage Admin, a job of the past


[Ubuntu] [News] Ubuntu on Windows — The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers


[Varnish] Varnish Now Offers Cache Persistence for Large Datasets

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