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Piyush Jalan
May 11 · 3 min read

ost recent launch by GCP at Google Next 2019 is ANTHOS, it’s an enterprise hybrid, and multi-cloud platform. It is one of the first official multi-cloud platforms from a mainstream public cloud provider. Anthos is different from other public cloud services. It’s not just a product but a brand for multiple services aligned with the themes of application modernization, cloud migration, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud management.

Sundar Pichai, CEO Google

Anthos allows to build and manage modern hybrid applications across environments. Powered by Kubernetes and other industry-leading open-source technologies from Google, Anthos transforms architectural approach, and focus on innovation, and allows to move faster than ever without compromising security or increasing complexity.

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Anthos is composed of multiple products and features, like:

Google Kubernetes Engine

GKE On-Prem (Beta)

Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (Beta)

Anthos Config Management (Beta)

GKE Hub (Alpha)

Cloud Service Mesh (Alpha)

The primary computing environment for Anthos relies on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and GKE On-Prem to manage Kubernetes installations in the environments where user intend to deploy their applications.

Between GKE and On-Prem clusters, need IP connectivity among them. Also GKE On-Prem environment must be able to reach Google’s API endpoints, specifically Stackdriver for monitoring and alerting, and GKE Hub for registering clusters with Google Cloud Platform Console.

Anthos Config Management Architecture

Anthos is a platform of distinct services that work in concert to deliver value across the entire enterprise. It is a strategic enabler of business by modernizing new and existing applications with containers, microservices architecture and a service mesh delivered, and managed, by Google across user’s data center and the cloud.

Key benefits of Anthos includes:

  • Support for Google Cloud Platform Marketplace to quickly and easily drop off-the-shelf products into clusters.
  • Git-compliant management and CI/CD workflows for configuration as well as code using Anthos Config Management.
  • Single command deployment of new clusters with GKE and GKE On-Prem.
  • Centralized configuration management and compliance with configuration-as-code and Anthos Config Management.
  • Simplified deployment and rollback with Git check-ins and Anthos Config Management.
  • Centralized, auditable, and securable workflow using Git compliant configuration repos with Anthos Config Management.
  • Compliance enforcement of cluster configurations using Namespaces and inherited config with Anthos Config Management.
  • Code-free securing of microservices using Istio, providing in-cluster mTLS and certificate management.

Google’s big rely on Anthos will benefit the industry, open source community and the cloud native ecosystem in accelerating the adoption of Kubernetes.

What do you think about Anthos? Is Anthos be a revolutionary product by Google in Cloud industry?

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