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The right hire can make a huge impact on your business. The wrong hire can harm your business and your team.

I have seen many examples from many companies I worked with about finding the right person at the right time.

In many cases, given how rare are the available DevOps specialists in the market, people stop asking the right question “Who should I find?” and start by finding an answer to a less important, secondary question: “What should I do?”.

I had the chance to hire DevOps practitioners in the last years who dramatically helped my company grow and achieve its objectives. Before that, I made some mistakes, and I learned from it.

We think a lot about hiring because it is IMPORTANT to find the right person. But, where do you find that person?

You can post a job on many job boards like Indeed, Monster or any other similar website, and hope that the right person finds your job while they are on the Internet scanning job boards and then find you!
But think about it: How often do you hang out on job boards? The answer is probably not very often and it’s not at all for almost all of developers and IT people.
So don’t leave finding someone great to chance when you can post your job exactly where DevOps specialists go every day to chat, make connections and grow their professional opportunities and skills.

This is exactly what JobsForDevOps offers.

JobsFroDevOps is not only a simple job board but, it is tightly connected to a community of more than 10k DevOps specialists including DevOpsLinks, Shipped and Kaptain newsletters.

Our members are loyal readers of our newsletters, and your job is featured in these same newsletters, which makes it less intrusive and even practical for them to know and compare the latest professional opportunities:

Some jobs from one of our newsletters. Issue #160

Connected to our Slack channel, Kina (our homemade bot), will post your job to our Slack channel and this is exactly where thousands of DevOps specialists go every day.

This is what makes sharing your job offer efficient and less intrusive.

In addition to all of this: 1) Some of our members chose to receive job alerts by email (in addition to the newsletter and the slack) and 2) You will reach more than 10k of our followers in social networks (Our Linkedin/Facebook group, Twitter and Facebook profiles and fan pages). 3) Your job is shared with our Medium readers.

Let’s summarize.

By using JobsForDevOps:

1 — Your job is shared on our job board

2 — Your job will reach the DevOps specialists who chose to receive email alerts

3 — Your job will be posted to our newsletters where you can reach our readers without being intrusive

4 — Your job is shared on our Slack channel #Jobs where DevOps specialists meet every day

5 — Your job will reach our social media followers

6 — Your job will be shared on our Medium publication (example), we have more than 10k unique visitors a day.

In all, you can expect to reach more than 20k members.

We are sure that your job will reach the people you are looking for, it’s up to you to find the right wording and format for your job posting. what are you waiting for?

You can reach our community today, by simply posting your job of our DevOps community job board.