🐄 🎐 🦈 Important Announcements from DevOpsLinks Community Publication

TLDR; DevOpsLinks is now Faun

Hey there,

As you may know, DevOpsLinks is not just a Medium publication.

In short, DevOpsLinks started with a newsletter for almost three years now and transformed into a dynamic online community and ecosystem.

Part of this ecosystem, I started DevOpsLinks community publication to lift up the community members and give them the opportunity to tell and share their stories with the community.. and it was a success:

With more than 10k unique visitor per day, +445k views per month, +6K followers, +690 contributors, DevOpsLinks is one of the top 500 followed publications and the #1 independent publication focused on DevOps, Cloud Computing and similar technologies.

Our contributors are experienced DevOps, developers, IT professionals, developers advocates, and tech founders, and many of them are engineers from Google, Redhat, AWS, Oracle and many other known companies.

We prefer using “Contributor” over “writer” since we are building together something awesome like OSS!

While building this community and its newsletter, I started other newsletters like Kaptain (focused on Kubernetes, CaaS, and distributed systems) as well as Shipped (focused on the Serverless ecosystem).

Today, I am glad to announce Faun

Faun is not a new newsletter, but the name of the project that federates the three newsletters, therefore the three communities.

Think of DevOpsLinks, Shipped and Kaptain as states and Faun as the federation.

Members who joined any of the above newsletters before this change, will not be impacted since you can choose one, two or all the three topics/newsletters to read.

However, if you want to update your subscriptions and follow one or more of the other topics (Distributed Systems and/or Serverless), visit faun.dev and use the form in the homepage.

Faun members are developers and engineers working with small and large companies. Some of them: Samsung, Google, Salesforce, Apple, Microsoft, Pinterest.

We Have a Team Chat

DevOpsLinks slack team chat will open its gates to Faun community members.

If you are already subscribed to one or more of faun.dev topics, you will be invited sooner to the team chat where you can find and chat with like-minded people. Watch your inbox for the invitation in the following weeks.

What’s Next?

Faun is our new name and the name of our community publication.

The stories you usually read using a similar URL to this one:


will have similar URLs to the following one:


Whether you are a reader or a contributor of/to our publication, you don’t have to do anything, all redirections will be done automatically.

Want to become a Contributor?

Simple! This is a quick guide to follow.

If You Are a Contributor, We Need Your Help

If you submitted one or more story to our publication, you don’t have to change anything; the redirection is also automatic. Your stories are still available using the old links.

Medium is a very good place to stay in touch with your readers and reach followers and readers, many of you generated thousands of views and reads and as a community, we generated millions of views and reads.

However, it is not a flexible CMS.

Let me explain..

We share the best stories from this publication with our Faun Topics followers (or what we formerly called newsletters). In consequence, your stories reach thousands of readers.

Most of the traffic you get on your articles comes from this source.

Help Us Help You

We would like to add a call to action message at the end of each story published in this publication. This will help us grow the community and get you more readers, followers, and influence!

The call to action will be minimal and not annoying for your readers. It will most probably look like the banner at the end of this letter. What do you think?

We would like to have your feedback about this. You can send us an email to community@faun.dev

Join Faun Now, It’s Open & Free!

Questions, suggestions, and feedback are very welcome, email us: community@faun.dev

Thank you for being an awesome community and keep up the good work!

Founder of Faun