Starting with Ansible

This article is based on Ansible which is an automation tool used in DevOps practices. Through this article, I will take you on What is Ansible and basic concepts. So let’s take a tour.

Nethmini Romina
Nov 21 · 3 min read

What is Ansible?

Ansible is an Open-source tool which helps developers on provisioning, configuration management and deployment of applications. Comparing with other automation tools, Ansible has an easy management system. It works against many systems of the infrastructure by selecting different parts from the Ansible’s Inventory. This inventory is stored as editable and versionable ASCII text files. Moreover, developers can use many inventory files in the meantime and also pull them from cloud or dynamic sources in different formats. Most of the time these are in YAML or INI.

Ansible utilities have the capability to control a set of files (directories) to manage other nodes. These nodes are managed by a central node through SSH. The location of these nodes is stored in the central node’s inventory. Sensitive data can be encrypted and store in the Ansible Vault.

Basic Concepts of Ansible

Following are a common set of basic ansible concepts.

These are the very basic concepts in Ansible to get started with. Let us continue with How to write playbooks in the next article.


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The Must-Read Publication for Aspiring Developers & DevOps Enthusiasts

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