Test Automation Architecture

May 5 · 7 min read

Test Levels

The previous model defines business and IT as jointly connected. We ensure that technology enables business in a expected way — As well as IT counts for that business provide the fundamental building area — the plan — for which to fulfil the expectations.

Meaningful test approaches

The automation test coverage is solved in three test automation pipelines. Think of a complete Lego product as an parable.

Test coverage

Count the number of tests per test level, the summaries should form a pyramid structure such as below. Defining and maintaining tests is usually more complex the higher up in the pyramid. Means more expensive in perspective of trade-off against new development.

Reporting, description and styles

UI tests has to be a individual suite and config per each running test environment. Use BDD inspired style when (behaviour driven development) writing test scenarios, by using “Given x when y then z”. Example;

Story: A user that access the application

As a user
In order to do my daily intended work
I want to be able to use the application

Scenario: Availability of Application
Given that I have visited the webpage-url
And stated my login credentials
When i was requested those in the start page
Then I should be able to start work directly
Example of live report, shows that deployed code in acc & dit might share same problem. I.e. unresponsive API

The automation

Strictly speaking, the test architecture does not govern how the automation and CI/CD is established. A widely accepted tool or platform is of help to track deployments, commits, history and accessible configuration. But any method or technology that are capable of performing the automation and enable the development team to focus manual test effort on new development, is likely prone for success.


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