We launched our new landing page. The results are in.

Laurin Lukas Stahl
Fave Product Engineering
4 min readJul 15, 2021


While it looks way more beautiful than our old website, you will find that this new landing page has far fewer features:

  • You cannot buy deals
  • You cannot create an account
  • You cannot discover shops around you

So why would we decide to launch a new website that is seemingly less powerful (in the number of features)?

The problem

Our website has been with us since the very first day. While today most of our users (>90%) use our mobile app to transact via Fave, we are still maintaining our web presence. Due to the low impact, we never prioritized improving on or building new features for the website. Over time, we accumulated the following bottlenecks:

Fave does not have an official company page: Since the Groupon days, Fave has not set up a corporate page to communicate what our company is about, to our investors, merchants and consumers.

The current landing page is only about Deals: We are missing visibility on other product offerings like eCards, FavePay, and more.

The existing app download metrics could be improved: We want to drive more app downloads since our main product focus is on the app. In Indonesia, our consumers mostly use Fave via the mobile web but the experience on the app is much friendlier.

The solution

We built a mobile and desktop optimized landing page using Webflow. We are still allowing the user to reach our old website if they choose to do so by clicking Browse deals. We save the user preference and directly bring them to our deals platform when they come back. Users that reach an offer directly will also land on the deals platform. Find a few of the new key sections below:


When users scan the QR code from the landing page, they will land on this offer. This further entices users to download the app.

About page

To introduce Fave as a company and drive potential candidates to our Careers page.

Full website at https://discover.myfave.com/

The process

User testing

We conducted user tests with 5 people outside Fave. To prevent bias, we changed the logo, swapped the brand color to blue, so that we get more accurate responses.

The test results were consolidated on Notion with respondents’ answers and heatmap.

The heatmap helps us understand better on how people behave on the landing page, whether they scroll to the bottom etc. It also helps us validate some assumptions we had during the design phase.


At that time, the acquisition of Fave by PineLabs was about to be announced and we were anticipating a big push in public attention to Fave. For this, we expedited building and launching this Landing Page, which initially was planned for a couple of months later.

The product design team worked day and night for a week to build the landing page using Webflow and upon launching, we immediately saw a 50% increase in downloads of our App from our landing page, compared to our website. Additionally, the share of transactions via the website shrunk, while our overall transactions maintained stable.

What did we learn

We tend to be cautiously optimistic whenever we estimate timelines for projects. In this case, external factors pushed us to deliver this project way faster than initially planned, and yet we still managed to do it. Work always shrinks or expands to the amount of time allocated to it.

After launching, we saw that our metrics still show a large number of people browsing myfave.com than discover.myfave.com. This is due to many of our visitors coming to Fave via Google finding a direct offer. Also, the share of digital transactions coming from the website is not shrinking at the pace we expected.

To tackle this, we implemented a deferred deeplink banner on our mobile website that would encourage users to download the app instead.

For the future, we see a further reduction of features on myfave.com, to prioritize users downloading the app.

We would also improve upon the landing page to ensure information such as offered deals is updated dynamically.

What are the results?

Since the launch of the new landing page, we have increased the number of app installs coming from this source by 800%. Additionally, we reduced the number of transactions facilitated by our website from ~10% to <1%. This means more people are using our app and are thus getting a better Fave experience.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our new landing page at https://discover.myfave.com and tell us in the comments what you think!

This project was made possible by a diverse and multifunctional team. The main efforts were driven by our product designer Rachel How. Read more here about how she approached this project.

If you’re interested to work at a start-up where we put our users first and constantly innovate, make sure to drop by on our careers page!



Laurin Lukas Stahl
Fave Product Engineering

I am a Lead Product Manager at Fave and a product instructor at various digital academies. Open for opportunities to increase my footprint in the PM community.