What should I do in the first place when things get unmanageable; avoid assumptions.

I was appointed to manage the release while on the other hand, it has been a very long time since I did that. I wasn’t aware until near the D-day whereby I should start to keep on track on what I’m doing, and I didn’t realize it has so many stuff inside with lots of branches.

Then, how does it go, and what’s the issue?

It started on track at first, but things went chaotic. Problems come out, bug escaped, missing risk factor, and assumption made that something is unable to be fixed but it can.

Recognize the problems and recognize the thoughts. Slow down for a while, take things in caution as it started with sloppiness don’t continue with the same thing.

Understand that we are working as a team.

Still related to the first point, time like this, you may be overthinking and pull all the weights to you, but it always can be carried out together. The fault maybe not only on ours it could be from everyone that is not aware too, and it is okay, but we can also learn things from it on how to carry this better.

Jot down on what you need to do

Classic suggestion but it is better than not having one. As for me, it could be like writing Steps to Replicate but instead using the laptop I prefer to put all on my notes directly with a pen, it gives more clarity. Write down the problems and the solution.

Prioritize the task

*meaning: be patient, settle one by one, a memorable quote from my favourite movie, Later, we’ll talk about today, a scene when Kale talked to Awan. Once writing all down the problems and solution then give a number on which one you need to settle first.

Inform the team as straightforward as possible, address the issue, and find the ways to solve it together.

Ask, ask, ask, avoid the assumption.

One most common mistake in testing or other things as well is assuming things, and I realize that’s also the cause of my problem. Assume means the thing still uncertain, so to be safe, make sure until all clear and okay.

Being sloppy, assuming things, missed one or many things, is normal and everyone facing this in different weight and different place and timing.

Again, remain calm and be transparent is so important, one is to understand in caution what the issue is and the other one is so everyone can learn from it; thus, things will get better. The good thing is all those problems are sorted though it gets haywire at first place (so does other problems! hehe).

All those things listed above can be applied in anytime!, my bad I had just applied that right when I encountered obstacles, should I did it ahead it may have fewer issues, but that’s okay, I’m learning a lot from facing this. 😀

Originally published at http://synapse-qa.com on August 6, 2020.