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Fave Product Engineering
Product, Design, Engineering, Data


It’s been a long week.

Finally. I thought. Time for a dinner break with Ben (my son) and Wilson (my husband).

Back to back meetings. Team onboardings. Stakeholder alignment meets. Quashing bugs. Not a boring week, but I could do with a break.

I picked up my phone and…

You love your job. You really do. But it has been 4 years, and you feel like you have achieved everything you can in the company. You asked yourself — how can you grow further. Perhaps, it is time to consider new challenges. …

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When I joined Fave as a new product manager, I was eager to understand how the team’s product processes work. I met with each product manager and asked them how they do it. What surprised me initially was that they all followed different processes.

This came from the fact that…

I’m a fresh graduate and software engineer at Fave, and I previously spent three months here as an intern working on the backend. …

While it looks way more beautiful than our old website, you will find that this new landing page has far fewer features:

  • You cannot buy deals
  • You cannot create an account
  • You cannot discover shops around you

So why would we decide to launch a new website that is seemingly…

Fave is a fintech startup, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to grow in the digital economy. We do this by offering QR code-powered payments and online-to-offline deals and other offers.

Since Fave launched in Southeast Asia, our mobile app has constantly been evolving to continuously allow our users to find…

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The Fave Data team, like many data teams, started off as a business intelligence team focussing on reporting and dashboards. Its primary focus was attempting to realise the aspirations of Fave being a data-driven company, a term with as many interpretations as there are eCards sold on our platform.


At Fave, we in the data science team actively research and innovate new ways to contribute to helping more SMEs become digital. The transformed data team went through a courageous process to expand its impact from business intelligence and reporting to building data products. Personalisation stands as one of the…

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice.

Eight months in various stage of lockdown is taking its toll. My days are getting shorter. Every day I’m repeating the same thing.

Wake up. Breakfast. Work. Lunch. Work. Dinner. Sleep.

Life is mundane. When we started working from home, it was fun. Finally…

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

Multi-tasking hampers your productivity, but that doesn’t mean you can only do one thing. In your life, many things are going on. If you are a Product Manager at Fave, you probably have four or five projects on your plate, all in various states. …

Fave Product Engineering

Product, Design, Engineering, Data

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