12 Best Places Self-taught Programmers Visit for Free

Veni Vidi Amavi” is the Latin way to describe that ecstasy that programmers can derive from visiting such awesome places as stated below.

Before we delve in, have you read the Developers Circle Lagos: 2017 in retrospect? …2018 definitely has a whole lot more to offer. Cheers to the new year and the magnificent possibilities popping up in lines of codes!

Oh, well… the holiday is over so this is not a list of vacation spots, but a list of where self-taught programmers visit and learn to code for free, and can pay when it calls for it:

1. Udacity

2. Scotch.io

Angular, node.js, laravel, Sublime Text…

3. Cousera

4. Codecademy

5. FreeCodeCamp

6. edX

7. Codewars

8. MIT OpenCourseware

9. Code.org

10. Command Line Power User

11. Git Immersion and Try Git

12. The Code Player

These links would come in handy at any point you get to on your programming journey, if not all, at least one.

Lest I forget, Veni Vidi Amavi is Latin for I came, I saw, I loved…

Thanks for reading, and clapping too, I guess.

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