7 Reasons Why Quality Content is Important for SEO

There is no doubt that content is the bedrock and king of search engine optimization. Search engines cannot be well optimized without good content, therefore the importance and usefulness of content to search engine optimization cannot be overemphasized. In the digital world, content is a mixture of the written, graphical, video, and audio information that is presented on your site and delivered to the world. while search engine optimization is making the best use of search engines such as: google, bing and yahoo so that sites with relevant information that have what users need rank high when users make search queries.

For a business owner who has a company website, SEO becomes one of the greatest assets you can utilize. Preferably, you want people to visit your site to increase your online exposure, thus increasing your conversion rate — online visitors converted into paying customers. The availability of quality and relevant content for users will increase the chances of your website appearing on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) Therefore the quality and value of your content would not only increase the chances of it being found online but also drive positive and profitable customer action but in the short term and long term . Here are seven (7) reasons that highlights the importance of Content to SEO

#1 Quality content gives access to Relevant information

Users must have access to relevant information which meets their needs. Users- targeted Audience- can get relevant information from their search queries if content creators do keyword research pertaining to what they are looking for. Search engines are becoming more intuitive and algorithms are favoring high quality content, which may include relevant keywords. Quality Content which is educative, inspiring, insightful and beneficial to users can convert them from just regular visitors to being leads of a website which can increase the popularity and traffic generation for such site.

#2 Quality content aids link building

If a content is good and link-worthy, it will be shareable and useful to people who look for information related to the link. A good and link-worthy content will be very useful for people that engage in online conversations on a topic related to the information they need which will increase the popularity and credibility of the link. Evangelists, and influencers are on the lookout for sharable, valuable and idealistic contents for their fans and followers. Your content -ebook, case study, video, or infographics- can be a deep resource in your industry niche.

#3Quality content aids site rank on SERP

According to a new research by serpIQ, Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) ranking is linked to the length, value and quality of a content.

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