My Experience: Developers and Startups Summit 2018

Prosper’s Session

I still remember the taste of the jollof rice at F8 Lagos meetup 2018 held early this year. Going into tech, F8 was my first meetup and that jollof rice left a mark that anytime I hear Dev C Lagos is organizing an event I always find time to attend.

When I heard about Developers and Startups summit 2018 I didn’t hesitate to register and cancel all the plans I had for that day. I also shared the link with my coding buddies, Adelanwa A. Adedeji and Sarafa Olalekan who are also jollof rice advocates.

While waiting for the event to kick off , we all went to get breakfast. I left home without eating that morning so while my friends were taking something light like bread and tea. I ran an algorithm in my head and Yam with Egg sauce was a better option considering the circumstance. The plan was to eat something that will hold me till lunch and I didn’t want to take any chances.

The summit started with Innocent Amadi, Lead—DevC lagos, introducing the keynote speaker, Emeka Afigbo, Head of Developer program at Facebook.

Keynote speech by Emeka Afigbo

Emeka Afigbo’s session was titled What is the next big thing?”. He spoke about how we can solve our problems, starting with building solutions to everyday problems.

Prosper Otemuyiwa

Prosper Otemuyiwa a.k.a Developer Advocate Extraordinaire blessed us with his awesome presentation titled “Bridging The Gap Between Developer And Startups Ecosystems In Nigeria” . He spoke about how startups and developers should meet on common grounds, to build an understanding between them.

A panel session followed after and then and there was a breakout session where developers and startups went to explore their interests.

I wanted a piece of everything so I was all over the place. I enjoyed the Pytorch session by Robert John, Lead— DevC kaduna.

Pytorch Session with Robert John

Lunch time came and Dev C Lagos did not disappoint with the rice and big chicken(the reason why most devs attend tech event).

Some DevC leads catching fun.
Random pic

It was fun meeting old faces and new acquaintances. DevC leads from other African countries were around and it was great talking about technology with someone from another part of Africa.

I met Cynthia Mulenga M., co-lead DevC Lusaka ,Zambia . She is also a co-host of the podcast show called CodeCast Zambia.

I enjoyed every single moment of the Summit. Thanks to the organizers!

Photo Credit: Marvin Ogah



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