Tech timeline: 30 years and beyond (1987–2017) +

Technology has come a long way from 1987 to 2017 (30 years). The next 30 years is not going to be a joke either, especially with the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Here is an overview of the tech journey thus far, and predictions from 2018 into the future:


This year featured significant advancement in technology:

- Adobe illustrator 1.0 is released.

- The first digital airplane Airbus A320 is flown.

- Microsoft windows 2.0 operating system is released (VGA 16 color graphics).

- The coolest gadget then… “The Boom Box”.

- The best-selling video game… “Zenda II: The Adventure of Link by Nintendo Entertainment System”.

- The first cell phone small enough to fit into a pocket, is launched in Britain with a price tag of 2,500 pounds.


- A 23 year old computer science student had written 99 lines of code and launched the program to the ARPANET (early version of the Internet), which turned out to be the Internet’s first self-replicating worm “The Morris worm”, that crashed about 10 percent of the world’s internet-connected computers in 24 hours.

- Netherland became the 2nd country to get connected to the Internet.

- MS-DOS 4.0 is released.


- The World Wide Web is invented.

- The first episode of Simpsons aired.

- The first broadcast of high definition TV aired in Japan.

- The first GPS satellite went into orbit.


- The Hubble space telescope is launched.

- Adobe released the first version of Photoshop.


- Linux is released.

- The world’s first webcam comes into existence.

- HP introduces the first color scanner.

- CD-R is released.


- The Browser comes to be.

- Visual basic for MS-DOS is released.


- The first smartphone “IBM Simon” is released as a concept phone.

- Intel introduces the Pentium Processor.


- Yahoo is created.

- Php is introduced.

- W3C is founded by Tim Berners-Lee.


- Amazon and eBay is launched, setting the pace for modern e-commerce.

- Java programming language is released to the public.

- Internet explorer is released.

- 16MB RAM is a big deal.


- Universal serial Bus (USB) is created by a group of seven companies.


- Digital Video Disc (DVD) is a high tech platform.

- WIFI standards is introduced.

- The PNG standard is introduced.


- Google happened.

- iMac is launched.

- Windows 98 operating system is launched.

- The Symbian mobile operating system is released.

- Godaddy is founded.

- Kapersky is founded.


- The first Blackberry mobile device is launched (Blackberry 850).

- Bluetooth 1.0 is launched.


- First Drone Strike (2002).

- Myspace (2003).

- Facebook (2004).

- Youtube (2005).

- Twitter (2006).

- First iPhone (2007).

- Google Chrome (2008).

- Android goes mainstream (2009).

- Instagram (2010).

2011 -2017

- Control of Nanorobotics (2011).

- Super HD 4k TVs (2012).

- Voice recognition gets better (2013).

- 3D Printing gets better (2014).

- Computer on a stick: Intel (2015).

- Reusable rockets (2016).

- IoT Smart Home Tech (2017).

Some predictions from 2018 into the Future:

1. 2018 is the year of the bots.

2. Cryptocurency (bitcoin) will become widely accepted.

3. Self- driving car race will begin.

4. Driverless cars by 2030.

5. Internet of things bedroom.

6. Possibility of editing genes.

7. Cameras will be part of many more devices that do not even have screens.

8. Autonomous vehicles becomes a reality.

9. 3D Printing becomes mainstream user technology.

10. Automated freight transport.

11. AI Smartphones become common place.

12. Future doctors turn out to be Robots and not humans.

13. Cryptojacking becomes a crime on the rise.

14. Crazy advances in AR/VR.

The future is here.

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