How Long Does The Interior Design Process Take

Rajesh Chhoda
Nov 15, 2016 · 2 min read

Interior design is defined as the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building. How long the process may take depends on the magnitude of the latitude of the interior design project and how multifaceted it is. This means that various stages of the interior design process may take different time frames based on a number of factors. There is no standard time as to how much time the whole process should take since the numerous factors for which the interior design process is initiated have to be put into consideration. There is however some level of approximate timelines that each of the stages should take.

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The interior design project from inception to completion takes 10–12 months on average and this is dependent on the fact that most of the things go as planned. There are mainly eight stages to the interior design process and they are;

1. Getting to know the client.

2. Establishing a common language

3. Space planning

4. Architectural Detailing

5. Furniture designs, finds, and selections

6. Buying, ordering and commissioning the production of furnishings

7. Waiting for all the parts to arrive, be reviewed, improved or fixed, refinished, or reupholstered.

8. Installation

Basically designing and delivering one room of window treatments would take approximately 12–15 design hours, from beginning to conclusion of fixing. Similarly designing a kitchen would require approximately 25–30 hours from start to finish. It is important to note that in both stages there a myriad of tasks to be undertaken and it is these that may determine the speed at which the interior design process will be conducted. Also important to note is that all through the client needs and feedback have to be continuously sought to ensure that the work is delivered to expectation.

Designing a bathroom would take approximately 16–25 hours from commencement to conclusion. The tasks carried out when designing the interior of a bathroom are precisely comparable to a kitchen with most of them requiring less time. What may be time consuming though would be the selection of plumbing parts.

The length of any of the errands itemized above will differ significantly based on the client and their ability to make assessments and judgment regarding the project. The complexity of the project will also ultimately determine how long it takes to complete the same.


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