Diet, a Pedestal for Productivity

Diet often seems to be more of a job for those who want to remain extremely fit instead of a duty for the general public. This can be seen in statistical studies where 73 percent of Canadians believe they consume healthy diets by their own standards while only 25 percent actually meet the minimum requirements as noted by the Canadian Food Guide issued by Health Canada. We tend to set lower standards for ourselves thinking that good diets are only for those trying to be extra fit when in reality even the general public requires a healthy lifestyle.

While the effects of your food choices may not be readily apparent past simple physical health and appearance, there are numerous studies that suggest diet has a large impact on your productivity This can be explained by the tour that food takes through your body. Just about everything consumed within our bodies ends up turning into glucose at some point; this is the energy source for our brains and our bodies. When there is a deficiency in glucose, focus begins to drift and our attention depletes. This becomes the foundational explanation for why you can’t think on an empty stomach.

All of this makes sense intuitively but it still does not explain why different foods have different impacts. Not all foods process through the body in the same way. Certain foods such as soda, fruits and sugar concentrated snacks will release glucose quickly which can explain sugar highs after unhealthy snacks. This is immediately followed by a slump or “a sugar crash.” Other foods, however, such as most fast food meals don’t provide glucose as quickly, but are harder to digest. This makes the body prioritize the digestive system for oxygen flow instead of the brain which can lead to dizziness and lack of focus.

Even knowing this, however, may not be enough to change your food decisions right before eating. This is usually because you completely lack energy before you eat which can lead to lack of self-control. When your mental is just not on point, such as after a hard grind, eating something a little more appetizing just sounds like the better choice.

While this trend of getting tired from work, and then eating unhealthy which leads to even lower productivity, and then having to work harder to make up for lost productivity, it seems inevitable there are a couple ways you can avoid this harmful chain. For starters deciding on your meals before you go to eat can have huge impacts. You choose your meal plan when you’re in the right state of mind and are more likely to thus choose more healthy options. You can also try to make sure you never get too hungry to the point where you can’t focus at all. Try to spread out your glucose release throughout the day to make sure you always have some juice to keep you going. Trying to resist temptation isn’t the only way to go about eating healthy. Making eating healthy simply the easiest possible option can also be an effective tool!

Overall it’s best to make sure your diet isn’t the reason you aren’t achieving as much as you’d like to. It’s a hard habit to get started but with some tenacity, and a bit of dedication, the benefits should come rolling in even if you don’t immediately recognize them. Remember to stay strong. Even athletes aren’t made overnight. It’s always one day at a time with each progressing day getting easier and easier.



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