The Power of One’s Mindset

Written by Demystify Tribune Coordinator, Samuel Kamalendran

Today, more than ever before, humans are progressing in unprecedented measures. With the development of education systems and an increasing number of schools in less-developed countries, populations are becoming more educated, and consequently, more aware of their environment, place in society, and ability to make a difference.

With cutting-edge sports science and athletic training, world records across all sports are being broken. Furthermore, with copious scientific breakthroughs in the medical field, human life expectancies in all countries are increasing and the standard of living for all people is improving. Looking at the big picture, humans all around the world are becoming better versions of themselves. Take the COVID-19 pandemic during which, many people, stuck indoors in quarantine, made up their minds to start something new, whether that be exercising more often or painting.

One important piece in this puzzle of mass self-development was the internet, which, though not a perfect substitute, became a virtual version of a community, which is greatly beneficial and even critical for success. This community and the wealth of knowledge, motivation, and advice that can be found in it has enabled many to find a part of themselves that they did not know existed and extend the horizon of their capabilities. This way of progress has shown its power in one sense, but its overall effect might be more hyped than it really is. The fundamental reasoning behind this is that true and lasting change in a human comes from within them and external players, such as internet motivation, though good kindling, are not always the most effective way of changing a person for good. In other words, in order to become the best version of ourselves, there must be a change in one’s mindset. To achieve such a mindset, a person must understand why they have a goal, which is critical for obvious success as there must be a destination that is being worked towards. Even if that point is not reached, walking the path towards it will bring about many benefits. Furthermore, understanding why one wants to do something will bring about the secondary question of why they must do the things necessary for them to reach that goal, as making a goal is not the hard part but working towards it is. Without understanding the reasons for one’s goal and why they must work hard, their mindset will gravitate towards compromised versions of their goal, and they might not even reach it in the end.

The second part of this development is changing one’s mindset to a version that sustains growth, or a “growth mindset.” Fixed mindsets are one of the primary enemies of the fulfilling of one’s potential, as it says no when no answer could be further from the truth. When people do not believe that they are able to achieve their goals, they become much more likely to, indeed, fail. However, when one believes, with full confidence in their ability to achieve success, even if their skill sets, connections, or experiences make them statistically less likely to do so, they will undoubtedly succeed. In the words of U.S. president and founding father, Thomas Jefferson, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” A lack of self-confidence is a killer of dreams and aspirations. Without belief in one’s self, results are but distant ideas. Thus is the power of a mind that is able to look past obvious inabilities, reproach, discouragement, and hopelessness, and believe that they are able to climb the mountain before them. In simpler terms, reality may say they are not able. However, fantasy says they are. In actuality, therefore, they are.

In any profession, discipline, or hobby, progress is necessary for continued growth and success and relevance. However, starting something new or taking on a new challenge requires more than raw ability; a mind fine-tuned is imperative for progress. Understanding one’s goal and breaking down the walls of self-doubt to achieve a mind that believes in its ability to do anything can be the difference between success and failure. This highlights its importance in our modern world, where human potential is constantly being realized by all people across the globe. In this world of competition and necessity for relevance, there is a need for people who are not influenced by the things that occur around them but rely on a power that comes from within them and which cannot diminish or be changed by their surroundings. Having such a power source will make one invincible to the constant waves and wars of this world and enable them to take on the role of the movers and shakers of society.



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