Fundamentals Don’t Matter — el Whitepaper

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2 min readApr 22, 2022


Correction. Cocopaper. Welcome aboard 🚀 and LFG

Welcome to Fundamentals Don’t Matter (FDM), a blockchain based MMO (let’s call it a metaverse for marketing reasons) where you’ll work with others (or alone) to amass wealth, power, and prestige as you rebuild the world from a single island called The Moac.

Driven by its citizens, players vote on the direction the game takes by participating in its DAO (called the Coconut Conclave). Simply put, as a player you’ll get to vote on the game’s story and development.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of start by joining our community.

Why make a game about coconuts?

This is a hard one, but here goes anyway. We’re passionate about DeFi, we’re passionate about crypto, we think coconuts are funny and satire is funny as well. We were creatively stifled in our old job (yeah a bunch of us worked at the same company) and the management SUUUUCKED. So one day we just said fuck it, let’s try and shill coconuts for a living so here we are.

But beyond that, we think GameFi is cool, some of us are avid gamers. We saw what other projects were doing and while great, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to create a place that felt like a living world, a place where players could create things on the blockchain via the game.

Giving a big shoutout to those games that came before us. Some of the mechanisms they’ve created are a huge inspiration for this project, and we’re thankful for the work put in by these other teams. Respect ✊.

Who is making the game?

NoFUD Games, Inc. is developing the game. We’ve veterans of building consumer based applications for some of the biggest media and entertainment, and finance brands on the planet. What we haven’t done though is gathered our party to venture forth into the world of DeFi Game Development.

The way we’re approaching this project is much like any startup. Build quick, release, get feedback iterate. Except unlike all the other startups, the community has a real voice to drive the direction of the game / product.

Will the content in this Cocopaper change.

Yes, this is v.1 and all projects evolve, we already have ideas that go beyond what’s been laid out here, and once the DAO starts to vote, the DAO starts to vote, and who knows what will happen then. Either way, we’re focused on one thing with FDM. Making it fun, making it funny, and making it worthwhile to play.

You can read the whole Cocopaper at and join our discord right here >




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