What do you do? I make my living off of FDM.

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3 min readDec 8, 2021


I make my living shilling coconuts.

That is what we would love people to say in a handful of years and is where we are going with the way the game is going to be architected.

Fundamentally, every transaction will be on a chain, meaning that every transaction can be monetized (Tangent: Yes this is a scalability problem, we are aware of it, and think we may have a potential solution with StarkWare but will need to test it when in development).

For example, do you want to become a miner of rare metals, you can do it or link up with people who will mine with you and sell those metals for in-game currency or Eth on a NFT marketplace.

Want to make bows, buy wood from another player, make the bows, and sell them on the market. Sell enough bows, or become an artisan where yours have better stats and sell those.

Want to become a whale tamer? Tame and sell whale mounts. Or adventure for rare drops and sell those.

We envision a world where your as a player can take the in-game currency and swap it out for Eth, USDC, etc… do this well enough, and we hope you’ll be able to bail on your day job.

Item impermanence and item burn

There is a ton of idiosyncrasy in designing a system like this; at baseline, items will be breakable and destroyable, some will not, these will be worth more. A bow will break, arrows will get used up — to create a genuinely player-driven economy, there has to be item impermanence.

Crafting and technology evolution

We don’t see a world where you will get a pulse laser weapon on day one, this is something that crafters will have to work up and learn, and the recipes for these later stage items will be ever more complex. A stone axe may not be as exciting as a pulse laser weapon, but we need to consider progression.

What else can you build?

Houses. Villages. Cities. Farms. Mines. Equipment.

How do you build it?

A player or a group of players will have to acquire land. Each parcel of land will have its distinct characteristics, such as forests, oceans, hills, mountains, deserts, and so on. Each parcel of land will also have a settlement zone or zones where the owner will either sell or lease subsets of the parcel to other players. Players can own as many parcels as they wish, but not all zones are created equal; a level 10 zone will have rarer materials and more dangerous monsters than a level 1 zone. Parcels and zones is another topic altogether and will be explored in more depth soon.

And that’s it for today. If you want to know more, join our telegram and discord groups and get involved in creating this world.

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