Grunt vs Gulp vs Make vs Rake vs Jake vs Cake vs Brunch vs Ant vs Maven vs Bash vs You

Build tools. #amirite

Build tools are this thing that you use to make your workflow easier. Sometimes they work for you, sometimes they don’t. They’re all pretty awesome and have their pro’s and con’s, but just like when you are picking out which member of the opposite sex to hit on at a bar — you’re either better off lowering your standards OR you can just try what seems to work for you. Do you want to handcraft your build script or do you just want to chuck together a configuration file together? Do you want to write it in Ruby, PhP or JavaScript?

Some are faster.

Some have loads of plugins.

Some are Ant.

If you’re doing automation, you’re already doing something right. It’s not about how you do it.

Now, where were we on that Responsive Images debate??

Up the bum, no babies