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The Magical Money Monster and Me

“My focus in life is fun, adventure, interesting people and businesses to work with. Poor old money is always an after thought.”

A mystical creature on the top of a mountain taught me to value myself.

This isn’t a fairy tale about a monster appeased by a frightened village with sacrifices and chanting. This is a story about my relationship with money.

I recently attended a seminar with life coach with Cece Ojany. She asked us to imagine and describe money as if it was a person. I found to my surprise that I didn’t see a person, but a creature.

I described money as a mystical creature that lived on the top of a mountain. The creature was remote, aloof and very hard to find. I was shocked!

After the group finished writing, a collective feeling of befuddlement engulfed the room and we looked to Cece for clarification.

“Are we surprised by our descriptions,” she asked?

Yes, we all nodded in unison!

Cece explained that the person we visualised was a metaphor for our relationship with money. I couldn’t help but wonder what it meant if it wasn’t a person at all, but a mystical thing!

Valuing Myself

I began to understand that money isn’t something that I actively search for. My focus in life is fun, adventure, interesting people and businesses to work with. Poor old money is always an after thought.

I now understand it is time to start putting importance on my relationship with money. This has begun a process of redefining my sense of worth. I am valuable, my insights are unique and money is important to me.

Not because it is the focus of my business, it isn’t and it never will be. I am not in business just to make money. I am in business to grow as a person.I want to have unique experiences in my working life. I love helping people and businesses I believe in achieve their goals. I choose my clients slowly and wisely.

I now apply that selectiveness to other aspects of my career. If I value myself, other people will as well. It is only natural. Like attracts like. I will appeal to people who appreciate my ideas and input.

I do not have to make money my focus, but I do own my market value. My industry is in a growth phase, there are quite a few people providing my type of services. But none of them have my unique experiences.

Friendly Monster

I am the magic ingredient. I have always danced to my own drummer and as I jive down my path through life, I have acquired something that is special. An open and honest dialogue with me!

The practice of running my own business is a constant education. Much of it has come as a surprise to me. My personal growth has skyrocketed because of my dedication to taking care of myself and ensuring that my needs are meant.

It is hard work being accountable all of the time for your progress, however the lessons I have learned have taken me to places that I could not have dreamed of.

My monster has come down from the mountain. It took a while to coax him out of the cave, but I brought him around. We hang out now!

How will you tame your beast?

Ask yourself if money was a person, how would you describe them? What do they look like, where do they live? What kind of clothes do they wear? Could you be friends with that person? Would you go to dinner with them?

Will you be friends with your monster?

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This piece was originally published by The Shoe Alternative on their blog. The Shoe Alternative is about exploring life’s alternatives and figuring out where you want to go.

It’s about making sure the things you do in life are getting you to where you want to go and not holding you back. For you, the name could be ‘thejob alternative’, ‘the uni course alternative’, ‘the dress alternative’ or ‘theboyfriend alternative’.

Megan Davis is a social media consultant and founder of Spendlove and Lamb. She creates strategies for clients who want to create an authentic voice for their businesses and empowers individuals to form a support network to achieve common goals.

Cece Ojany is re-running the free workshop ”How To Find & Live Your Purpose” on 19 and 27 August in Melbourne. Visit her site for details.

Image by Leyla Bulmer. See more of Leyla’s work on her website.

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