Backward & In High Heels

A tribute to The Boomer Women

Ann Litts
Fearless She Wrote


Photo by Simona Todorova on Unsplash

I am near the very tail end of The Baby Boomers. Born in 1959, I was in fourth grade when the real heroes of my generation were getting stoned and making love at Woodstock.

Needless to say, no one let me out of class to get high and rock out.

But The Women of The Baby Boomers have forever changed the way American society would go forth.

Back in the sixties, there were daily news clips as Walter Cronkite attempted to tastefully discourse on bra burnings and other such ‘Radical Feminist’ ideology. Hate wasn’t a word that was tossed around much back in those days — it was all ‘Love, peace, and rock ’n’ roll’. Or was it?

Civil unrest was rampant. The National Guard wasn’t deployed halfway around the world — they were right here — attempting to control the masses of Boomers whose mantra was ‘Trust no one over 30!’

Waves of Boomer Women watched their mothers be Queen of Castle — subservient to The King and as one proclaimed, “Fuck that shit!” And they promptly went to college. In truth — for the weed and the parties. But also to GET OUT! And also, because for the first time in American history — They COULD.

Then — we fucking changed it all. Slowly — perhaps — but we did.