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Fearless She Wrote Newsletter, May 6, 2020

Maggie Lupin
May 6, 2020 · 5 min read

Hi all, and happy May!

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We hope that you’re all holding strong during this challenging time, and are taking care of yourselves in whichever way works the best for you!

You woke up this morning. You got out of bed (or at least opened your eyes to scroll through your phone), and are reading this newsletter. You’re doing your best, and that’s all you can ask of yourself as this continued uncertainty swirls around us.

April was a busy month at Fearless She Wrote, and we have a lot of news that we’re excited to share with you, so we’re going to jump right in!

Our editorial team has been celebrating our publication’s growth. We now have approximately 500 writers, and our daily submissions box is full. In mid-April, we made the decision to temporarily pause our review of new writer requests. This has allowed us to divert additional resources to our number one priority — our current writers, and their beautiful submissions.

We do continue to receive new writer requests, and we’re blown away and honored that so many writers want to join us on this journey. The pause is temporary, and to anyone who wants to write for us, or who has already submitted a request — we can’t wait to welcome you to our outstanding group of writers, once our editorial team is ready.

We’ve been working hard to get a website up and running, and that website is now live. It can be found here.

Our website will host publication news and updates, amazing stories, and our Fearless goals and mission. You’ll also be able to find links to our podcast (more on this in a second!).

You may find blurbs of your own work on our site. Rest assured, all blurbs link back to your original piece on Medium (your full text is not on our site) so any new readers will be credited to your personal views and stats in Medium.

Our hope is that our website will drive more readers to Fearless, and to your work!

Our editorial team is thrilled to announce that we’ve begun producing a podcast. Fearless She Spoke will tackle everyday topics of anything and everything womanly — including round-table discussions of feminism, mental health, and navigating online life as women.

New episodes will be uploaded on Wednesdays on a bi-weekly schedule. Our premiere episode, “Realities of Building an Online Brand as a Woman” hit the airwaves on April 27th, and can be found on Spotify and Apple Music!

Fearless writers, please don’t dismiss any private note that an editor leaves on your piece during the submission and editing process. When we have questions, comments, or suggestions on your piece, the only way we can communicate with you is through the use of private notes. Oftentimes, one editor will leave a note to begin the editing process, and a second (or even third) editor will pick it up where the first left off. When the notes are left intact, we’re able to seamlessly continuing editing and working with you, without any need to backtrack.

We know it’s counterintuitive to not dismiss the note. After all, you saw it, read it, responded to it — and now it makes sense to dismiss it. But, please don’t. We want to ensure continuity when working with you on your beautiful writing.

Every month, as you know, we highlight 5–7 of our writers’ stories in our newsletter. Next month, along with sharing their stories, we want to shine a spotlight on our writers themselves. In addition to the pieces shared, we’ll include a blurb about the lovely individual who wrote it.

So writers, please pay attention to your notifications. You may receive a private note (again with the private notes) from one of the editors on one of your Fearless pieces, requesting the country you’re writing from, and a fun fact about you!

As our community grows, we truly want to draw individualized attention to the amazing people who inhabit it.

As always, we’re grateful for your support and awed by your endless courage and vulnerability. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

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