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Fearless She Wrote

My Husband Visited a Strip Club — and My Reaction Shocked Us Both

Mainly, I learned never to try to predict my own feelings

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

We’d been married for two years and we were away on a mini-break, which was a rare thing in those days because we had very little money. Also, we’d taken our children with us, because they were very small, so it wasn’t exactly a romantic mini-break. But…




This is a space to empower differences, tell our stories, and share our lives together. We will not be silenced. We will be fearless. And we will write.

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Lover of words, books, hiking, nature and big skies. Running is my favourite thing (after the words & the books). As feisty as I need to be. theunravelling.net

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