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Shakira and J.Lo ‘Got Loud’ and Proud at the Super Bowl

And heroically rocked the half-time show earning worship and respect.

Photo Credit: Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/TNS

I think right now a lot of men are probably confused. Usually, when scantily-clad, sexy women shake their backsides on national TV for a sporting event, it’s for the scintillating pleasure of the male gaze. Meanwhile, their wives, sisters, and daughters…




This is a space to empower differences, tell our stories, and share our lives together. We will not be silenced. We will be fearless. And we will write.

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Lizzie Finn

Lizzie Finn

I write, create, instruct. My curiosity is expansive — health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, TV/film, psychedelics, feminism, neuroscience, life.

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