Fearless Wallet and Gemie Metaverse Giveaway: A Step-by-Step Guide to Participate and Win!

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5 min readMar 4, 2024

Connect Fearlessly, explore Gemie Metaverse, share a $5,000 prize pool, and stand a chance to win a VIP Pass.

The Gemie Metaverse, in collaboration with Fearless Wallet, is delighted to announce a special campaign that introduces you to the endless possibilities within the Gemie Metaverse and offers you fabulous rewards.

How to enter? Participate now.

Whether you’re a newcomer eager to explore the digital world or a seasoned virtual explorer, this guide will walk you through how to participate, set up your avatar, earn rewards, and stand a chance to win a Gemie Metaverse VIP pass!

Please be aware that all participation steps are free, with no hidden costs or gas fees involved!

This is Phase 1 of the campaign, and we will release Phase 2, where participants can earn additional rewards! Stay tuned.

Participation Guidelines

1. Subscribe and Stay Updated

1) First things first, make sure you’re in the loop:

2) Spread the Word

  • Retweet the official campaign announcement. Keep an eye out for the link to be ready!

3. Get the Gear

4. Connect to the Gemie Metaverse

  • Sign-up for a Gemie Metaverse
  • Link your Fearless Wallet to the Gemie Metaverse dApp using WalletConnect.

📚Guide: How to use WalletConnect on Fearless Wallet to connect to Gemie Metaverse

First, you need to sign up for a Gemie Metaverse account.

1) Go to the gemie.io website and click on ‘Log In.’

2) Click on ‘Create an Account’ and fill in your details and click ‘Register’

3) Verify your account via email! Congrats, now your account is ready! Now, click on ‘Link Wallet.’

4) On the gemie.io/settings/wallet tab, click ‘Link’ in the WalletConnect field.

5) After the pop-up window, click on WalletConnect again.

6) Now, you will see a QR code, which you must scan with your Fearless Wallet app.

7) Enter your Fearless Wallet on mobile and click on settings in the lower right corner.

8) Click ‘Wallet Connect’, then ‘Create a new connection’.

9/ After you scan the QR code on the Gemie Metaverse website, you will be asked to approve the details. Click on ‘Approve’.

10) On the Gemie Metaverse website, enter your password to proceed.

11) You must sign the message to connect to the Gemie Metaverse. Please note no gas is required.

12) And you are all set and ready to explore Gemie Metaverse! Wasn’t it easy?

5. Create Your Avatar

Dive into the Gemie Metaverse dApp and create your avatar. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to bring your digital persona to life!

📚Guide: How to create your Gemie Metaverse avatar

1) From the Gemie Metaverse main page, click on ‘Enter World.’

2) You will be forwarded to the page and have to wait for the Metaverse to load

3) After loading is completed, click on ‘Press to enter.’

4) Here’s your chance to customize your own Gemie Metaverse avatar.

5) After completing this step, click ‘Enter World’ to explore the Gemie Metaverse!

6. Show Your Participation

To validate your entry, please submit:

  • Verify that you followed all social media accounts from the list via Trantor.
  • Screenshots showing the WalletConnect process to Gemie Metaverse on the Fearless Wallet interface and a successful connection.
  • Screenshots of your Gemie Metaverse account avatar.

The Reward Pool

Joining this campaign not only opens up a universe of possibilities but also brings tangible rewards:

Total Prize Pool:

  • USD 5,000 in USDT.
  • VIP Experience: 5 exclusive Gemie Metaverse VIP passes.


  • Lucky Draw: USD 50 in USDT for 100 winners.
  • Lucky Draw: 5 participants will be chosen to receive a Gemie Metaverse VIP pass each.
  • Unlimited amount of participants.

How to Seize the Opportunity

Participating in this campaign is your ticket to exploring new horizons within the Gemie Metaverse, enjoying the seamless experience of Fearless Wallet, and getting rewarded. Follow the guidelines, complete your tasks, and you might find yourself among the lucky winners of a Gemie Metaverse VIP pass.

Whether you’re here for the adventure, the chance to win, or both, your journey starts now. Dive in, connect fearlessly, and let the Gemie Metaverse unfold before you.

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