Fearless Wallet Ecosystem Update #77, April 23, 2024

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2 min readApr 23, 2024

Exploring the latest enhancements and strategic collaborations featuring UI/UX improvements, multi-chain integration, and a focus on community-driven development.

Welcome to the 77th Fearless Wallet Ecosystem Update for April 23, 2024. With the latest rollouts, we’ve enhanced the UI/UX for iOS and Android users, focusing on simplicity and performance optimizations of asset management.

Highlights this month include progress on Polkaswap liquidity pool integration and advancements toward the Firefox release. We’ve also been actively forging new partnerships and engaging in collaborations to add more networks and services!

Check out what’s new and what’s being worked on. Your feedback and participation are key to our continuous improvement.

Fearless Wallet is committed to advancing the multi-chain space, aiming to lead with innovation and community-driven development for a chain-agnostic future. Stay Fearless.

🍎 iOS Updates

✅ New convenient and user-friendly “Asset management” UI&UX.

✅ Connection management optimization related to the new “Asset management” interface.

✅ Polkaswap liquidity pool integration.

⚙️ Addressing technical debt.

🤖 Android Updates

Version 3.5.1 is now available. This update includes various improvements and bug fixes:

🆕 New convenient and user-friendly “Asset management” UI&UX.

🔌 Connection management optimization related to the new “Asset management” interface.

🧰 Addressing Technical debt.

🍎 🤖 Technical updates for both Android and iOS.

iOS v3.5.2 (April 2nd) and Android v3.4.3 (March 29th)

✅ New SORA fee format for LP.

✅ Some UI/UX updates and improvements.

🖥 Desktop Updates

In progress:

  • Polkaswap liquidity pool integration.
  • Firefox release deployment and fixing corresponding issues.

Collaborations and Future Initiatives

  • Attended the WOW Summit HK 2024
  • Hosted the Fearless Wallet x REEF chain AMA on the Fearless Announcements Telegram channel.
  • Partnership and implementation of the Dwellir node structure.
  • Crypto Asset Governance Alliance partnership. CAGA transcends traditional governance structures, fostering a model where decision-making is democratized among its participants.
  • OKLINK collaboration: including explorer, data analytics, and service provider powered by OKX

Fearless Wallet’s innovation and drive for the future never stop!

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Fearless Wallet
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