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Every year the Glasgow School of Art holds their degree show. It’s always a great event; exhibiting work from some of the rising stars of design, fine art and architecture. Last year we sponsored it for the Product Design Engineering department. PDE, as it’s known, is an award winning course that spans the University of Glasgow and GSA, blending the best engineering and design education.

This year, 2016, is a big year for both PDE and Fearsome. PDE turns 25, and Fearsome will be 15. It’s a time to celebrate our history and growth together. And so following the terrific success of last years’ event, we again are sponsoring the PDE degree show. But this year we have created something new: the Fearsome Futuremaking Award.

Futuremaking starts with the belief that anything can be made better. Anything. Be it products, services, systems, ourselves, or the world! It’s all about being brave, passionate, and thoughtful. Making decisions and taking steps with a good measure of relentlessness. It is this attitude and story that our award will mark out. The award doesn’t just recognise the work that has gone in so far. It is for the student who is motivated by the desire to see positive change going forwards.

And so as part of our commitment to futuremaking, we are offering the award winning student a unique opportunity to work with us on their project. This summer our team will work with the winner in our studio to develop their product further. They will have Fearsome’s wealth of experience and expertise behind them. We work with companies at every stage of product development, and so we will be able to help in many shapes and forms.

Fearsome’s motto is “what’s next.” It’s a statement, not a question. Our job is to work out what is next for your company, and we are excited to work out what is next for the winner of our award. We are excited for some futuremaking.

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