Fantasy Land : Amending the Constitution

Recently, the esteemed @davewiner had expressed the idea that there should be a requirement for president to be a Governor of a state before being qualified to be president, with the following benefits:

and followed up with

If I’m going to see the Constitution amended, I’d focus less on qualifications for president (which *could* help, we could still get stuck with some jerk who didn’t know their own ass from a hole in the ground)

I’d say, make the changes that would directly protect the people:

- Equality for all people regardless of race, religion, sex, origin, sexual identity or preference

- Right to free speech is guaranteed for people not corporations

- The right to vote for all citizens (it’s not codified in the constitution folks!) — even for “criminals”.

- The right to vote where each vote is weighted the same and cannot be manipulated by a system where votes are rolled up in some way ( ie, an electoral college, or systems where delegates or proxies, represent sets of people, etc)

- right for the people to recall any elected official from any office.

- right for the citizenry to file initiatives to alter or pass laws at any level of government without waiting for congress, legislatures or councils to act

- right for the government to levy fair and reasonable taxation (let’s make sure that it’s clear this time!)

- right for the people to amend the constitution to enshrine additional rights in a fair straight vote (not rolled up at state lines)

- right to privacy and security in one’s home, vehicles, person, communications and body

- the right for every individual to make medical choices for themselves without interference of government, religion or judgement (ie, enshrining a woman’s choice to manage her own body)

- government is required to draw electoral boundaries using a mathematical system that defeats the effect of gerrymandering, and the adoption of a new mathematical formula can not be done without a referendum of the population

-the federal government is prohibited from making monies available only on conditions (like regional government passing laws, performance of a regional government etc) — this would disable the federal government from using the disbursement of money raised thru taxation to force local governments to pass laws that the federal government would otherwise not be able to pass and enforce

The idea is that government should reflect the will of the people, not a few individuals with power.

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