Meet Ortal: Feat for Airbnb user profiles

Two weeks ago, Feat wrapped up a nine-week, corporate pilot program for Airbnb. The program involved 120 participants from the engineering department in their San Francisco headquarters, as well as members from their Portland and Seattle branches. The participants competed in teams where data (steps taken and hours slept) earned them virtual coins to be redeemed for real rewards. Sushi making classes, blind tastings and visits with food waste company Ugly Juice were all part of translating their healthy actions into group rewards.

Although the participation segment of the program is over, Feat continues to engage with the participants in order to get feedback and assess the overall impact. Here is a chance to get to know some of the Airbnb participants and understand who is engaging with Feat. While all of the participants come from the engineering departments, their backgrounds and reactions to Feat are quite different.

A California native, 30 year-old Ortal has been with Airbnb for a year. A fan of dance, casual sports and watching football, Ortal considers himself to have a healthy lifestyle, taking regular dance classes and trying not to eat too much unhealthy food. “I somewhat pay attention to my diet. I try not to eat too much sugar,” he points outs. He enjoyed participating in Feat as a team and noticed real changes in his habits throughout the program. “As a team we decided to make more walks throughout the day. We also started walking further distances to try and reach the targets we set. The rewards at the end of the week were very motivating!” he shares. Ortal considers Feat to be “healthy, active, and fun,” but as a software engineer he is very much focused on the technical aspects of the app, hoping in the future that Feat will provide a more responsive app and better trackers.

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