BTCPay Server comes to Feathercoin

When a merchant wants to accept crypocurrencies in his online store, her options are usually to go with an established payment processor (who may drop acceptance of crypto on a whim) or roll her own.

“Rolling your own” is essential when considering the original vision of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in terms of censorship resistance and the absence of required trust to third parties. Erik Voskuil elaborates on the willingness of merchants and miners to resist change in his piece Axiom of Resistance.

The probably most popular solution for merchants to run their own node and payment processing is BTCPay Server, the free and open source server for merchants. One of the many advantages BTCPay Server brings to the table is its compatibility with the Bitpay service, allowing for seamless migration.

One Thousand Commits and 24 Contributors— A Truly Active Community

The project celebrated a major milestone only four months ago when Nicolas Dorier, the project’s main initator, released the first stable version of BTCPay Server ( Our well known community member ChekaZ has implemented Feathercoin support for BTCPay Server, expanding the list of supported coins (ChekaZ, you rock!). We feel very honoured that Nicolas has accepted Feathercoin and are happy to join the fast growing BTCPay Server community.

With BTCPay Server’s ability to handle transactions via the Lightning Network we have stable and future proof basis for Feathercoin payments everywhere and we’re looking forward to further contributing to this exciting project!

The project’s main site features great video tutorials on how to set it up along with a donation address to support further development.