First Hardware Wallet for Feathercoin

When we released the beta of Electrum-FTC in late March, we did not antipicate the exctiment this would stir in the community! Many users have told us how happy they were to use an interface that’s familiar to them from their Bitcoin wallet.

When creating a new wallet, check “Use a hardware device” to use your Digitalbitbox

This enthusiastic feedback motivated us to accelerate the integration of a first hardware wallet support into Electrum-FTC and today we’re proud to announce that our wallet now fully supports BitBox (aka digitalbitbox), the hardware wallet of Swiss device maker Shift Devices AG. To take advantage of this new functionality, download Electrum-FTC version

This allows to store your precious Feathercoins in line with best practices, where the private key is stored on a device that never connects to the Internet (the worst practice is arguably leaving your coins at an exchange).

We are actively working on more hardware wallet support, stay tuned!