Happy Birthday — 5 Years Feathercoin

On the evening of 16th April 2013, the price of Bitcoin had just fallen by about 50% following a meteoric rise earlier that year — and would still go on to rise more than tenfold again in the second half of that year — Bitcointalk user bushstar started a new thread titled Feathercoin [FTC], announcing his creation to the world.

Five years on, Feathercoin underlines its active development by activating SegWit and completing transition to Feathercoin Core 0.16. The previous month has seen the entrance of the Feathercoin Development Foundation, an non-profit organisation devoted to the future of Feathercoin.

Still, the question on every coin’s mind is “what do I get for my birthday?” and Feathercoin is no exception. So what’s today’s special treat?

One of the most often voiced requests is to have a wider choice of wallets available: we’ve heeded this call with the release of Electrum-FTC for the desktop a little over a week ago and are now thrilled to add Edge, a leading multi-currency mobile wallet available for Android and iOS, to the mix.

One of Edge’s outstanding features is the ability to recover your funds by nothing more than a username and password, so there’s no need for backing up a long list of words or private keys — just a secure password will do. We believe this makes it especially easier for people new to cryptocurrencies to take their coins with them when they’re out and about!

The timing of the release in the App store couldn’t have been better, with Apple having approved the v1.1.2 update this morning of the 16th April 2018 (if you’re a developer you know how hard it is to hit a targeted release date).

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A shiny new Feathercoin wallet on Edge (iOS version)

The addition of Edge further grows the array of available wallets and supported platforms:


Electrum-FTC (github, see instructions)

Feathercoin Core (32bit)

Feathercoin Core (64bit)

Feathercoin Core (packages)


Electrum-FTC (dmg)

Feathercoin Core


Electrum-FTC (standalone)

Feathercoin Core







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Lucas cutting the EDGE off the birthday cake

We’re excited to celebrate Feathercoins’ fifth birthday with all of you — make sure to check out all those other places to find people in a good birthday mood: The forum on the official Feathercoin website / The Feathercoin Telegram channel (also available in German) / Twitter Feathercoin Foundation, Feathercoin, Feathercoin deutsch / The Feathercoin Foundation’s website on https://feathercoin.foundation


Official Feathercoin and Feathercoin Development Foundation…

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