Segwit activates successfully and Feathercoin Core 0.16 First Release Candidate ready for download

The foundation for SegWit was laid with the release of Feathercoin Core 0.13 in February of this year, alerting the network to the upcoming change and making sure a sufficient number of nodes were ready for the change.

Just a few hours ago, at precisely 22:31:59 GMT block number 2’157’120 was the first block to get mined with SegWit [BIP 141] activated. This promotes Feathercoin to one of the very few cryptocurrencies having this feature along with others like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Digibyte and Vertcoin. All this even before Feathercoin’s fifth birthday, taking place on the 16th April 2018.

While this in itself is great news, Peter Bushnell wasn’t resting on his laurels after the 0.13 release and has readied the first release candidate of Feathercoin Core 0.16, bringing exciting new features such as BECH32 addresses [BIP173], the ‘native’ address format for SegWit.

A big thank you to Peter Bushnell and the many volunteers who made this fast paced progress possible in the first place: may your feathers always feel the wind below the wings!