Introducing Feature Monkey 3.0 — Web3 Native Feedback Tracker

Ananya Agrawal
Feature Monkey
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4 min readSep 13, 2022


Today, we are excited to launch the next version of Feature Monkey.
2 yrs ago we launched feature monkey 2.0 with the goal of helping companies build better products.
Over this time we are used by Hackerrank, Dinkum games,, and many more.

Introducing web3 native feature monkey.

🦊 Login with Wallet

💰 Subscribe via Crypto (USDC)

🐋 Introducing tokens/NFTs in product decision-making by tracking user balances.

❄️ Check community sentiment before releasing features

💖✨ Web3 is inherently community-driven

Feedback boards are used by Uniswap, Zapper, Zerion, Moralis, and many others

😢👣 But none of these tools is web3 native

Don’t even support login via wallet
This is anti-web3 and ignores the core user base.

👷‍♂️🛠 Teams are now making in-house tools

Teams like Debank have already built their own product.
This is inefficient and can be solved by a SaaS.

🚀💥 The missing link in web3 product decision-making.

People often use snapshots to make time-sensitive protocol decisions, but feedback/feature requests aren’t like that.

😻💫 Web3 native Feature Monkey

🦊 Login with Wallet

Users can now sign in with Ethereum to your feedback board and no longer have to reveal their email ids.

For seamless user experience, users who are already logged in to your dapp can click on the feedback link and be automatically logged in via SSO login

💰 Subscribe via Crypto (USDC)

Yearly subscriptions can now be paid in USDC at discounted rates for a limited time.

This makes it easier for DAOs and projects with treasury in crypto to subscribe.

🐋 Introducing tokens/NFTs in product decision-making by tracking user balances.

Not all voters are same, and we gave them all the same one vote. Now if we bring tokens/NFTs in this picture then products will be able to make better decisions, having a direct impact on their product.

A user with 100m in the wallet and a user with 1USD in the wallet is very different.

Now protocols can add specific tokens to track and reflect those balances in the votes.

Here Polynomial Protocol is tracking their tokenized vault positions to prioritize feedback.

We support all ERC20/ERC721 in Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche, and BSC. Let us know if you need support for any other chain.

🤝🚀 Combined with the best parts of existing feature trackers

Switching to crypto native feedback board should not be a hard tradeoff for products.
We have all the features that are required by a feedback tracker and have been supporting many web2 companies already.

  • SSO login (frictionless login)
  • Merge Posts
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Forms
  • Customize as your brand taste
  • Vote on behalf
  • Import and Export existing Data
  • Assign Team Members
  • Many more…..

This was done under Devfolio x Polygon Fellowship. Thank you for your support. 💖✨

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