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Looking for an alternative to Canny to collect feedback? Feature Monkey can help you!

Build what your users actually need using feature voting.

featuremonkey.com and canny.io are unified platforms to collect, analyse, and act on customer feedback. Turn feedback into features while sharing your product development journey with your users.

Feature Monkey is a customer feedback tracker, to help maintain a central place for feedback collection, user notification, roadmap planning, and team collaboration backed by affordable pricing, easy to onboard, and features that actually matter.

Canny is an expensive, complicated tool, having large set of features you won’t actually ever use, all backed by a length onboarding process.

Collect feedback in your own terms

The following is feedback in canny

At Feature Monkey, we just improved Canny so that now you can add any custom fields! We’re making you more productive, less error-prone and massively cutting down on your time spent reading the Help section.

We understand it is your data.

Canny doesn’t allow you to export users, we understand it is your data and you can do whatever you want.

Better overall experience managing feedback

Canny is a great tool for feedback but still lacks a good graphical interface for other stakeholders to consume feedback. Feature Monkey bridges this gap between developers and clients by providing an excellent Alternative GUI for the same. Get a clear picture of the problem in a short span of time on the web.

feature monkey dashboard

Better Pricing

If you look at it’s pricing you can see it’s really not that hard to shoot high and rob your pockets. And feature voting is not for every company, feature monkey is a cheaper option for companies.

See feature monkey pricing

If you think feature monkey is the right fit for you as canny alternative do check us out.



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