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Looking for an alternative to Uservoice to collect feedback? Feature Monkey can help you!

Feature requests shouldn’t be a burden. As a team, you deserve an easy way to get user feedback and prioritize what to build. Feature Monkey lets you quickly create an online feedback channel for your customers, prioritize feature ideas, collect structured user stories and manage them with ease.

Unlike Uservoice, We’re a simpler, affordable and more flexible platform for you. We cut out all the unnecessary features so you can start working immediately, and we don’t make you jump through any hoops to get started.

Better Pricing

But, it’s not just the cost — determining how much you’ll actually pay for UserVoice isn’t a straightforward process.

You won’t be able to get a quote from UserVoice without multiple calls. We offer a transparent approach to pricing — we don’t want you to feel like you’ll be blindsided by any surprises when using our all-inclusive pricing.

UserVoice is an expensive tool. Their lowest pricing is at around $15K a year. Feature Monkey is an affordable UserVoice alternative.

FeatureMonkey offers transparent pricing and self-serve options so you can test out the tool and an option to test out how FeatureMonkey could work for your company using our free trial.

See feature monkey pricing, If you want help setting up you can schedule a call with feature monkey team.

When it comes to setup, UserVoice is a hassle.

To try UserVoice, you’ll have to have a call with their team. You can’t try the product without talking to someone first.

Since UserVoice is a complex tool with a lot of features, it takes a while to set up and customize. You’ll need help from a salesperson to get it set up for you — self-serve onboarding isn’t really an optioning

You can setup feature monkey yourself and there is no need to talk to a salesperson (you can schedule a demo if you would like).

UserVoice is a tool for the enterprise which is full of features you might not need.

Feature Monkey is a tool not just for collecting feedback from customers, it can be used internally within your company and you for linking your feedback to your roadmap.

Get started with your free 14-day free trial at featuremonkey.com



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