Announcing Our New Podcast: The Vince Vaughn-a-thon

Join us for our year long research project.

Join Patrick and Taylor as they break down the entire filmography of one of Hollywood’s most surprising stars: Vince Vaughn. See how the film industry has changed over time through this chronological exploration of what keeps us coming back to the movies.

The idea of this podcast started like this: Hey, isn’t this a funny name! Why doesn’t that exist? We should do it!

We quickly realized we were onto something. Vince is one of Hollywood’s most likable stars, but one of its most elusive. And his work has touched just about every genre, facet, and corner of the industry.

That was about a year ago. Since then, we’ve been planning, researching, and theorizing about our leading man. But now it’s time to dig in. We’re watching every single Vince Vaughn movie and we hope you’ll join us.

For a little taste of our dynamic, here’s a snippet from our first episode:

Patrick: The premise of the show might sound kinda silly, but I do think he’s a good case study and a good representation of the way that making movies has changed since he started doing it 30 years ago. He was around for the indie boom in the 90s, he was a huge comedy star in the 00s, he’s done some long-form tv shows in the past couple of years. He’s worked with some of the best directors and some of the best actors. He’s been in some of the best movies of the past 30 years. We’re using him as a research project to chart the map that Hollywood has taken over the past couple of decades.

Taylor: And he’s handsome. If we didn’t say that already.




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Patrick J. Regal

Educator. Artist. Founder and Editor of Feature Presentation. Instagram: patrickjregal

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