Announcing Our Podcast: Y2Kidz

We’re not ’90s kids, we’re Y2Kidz!

We watched Disney movies on clamshell VHS tapes.

We ate Kid Cuisine.

We channel hopped from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel.

We’re ’90s kids that were born at the end of the ’90s. So really, we’re Y2Kidz.

Those are the things we’ll be talking about on our latest podcast. Join Taylor and Patrick, the hosts of The Vince Vaughn-a-thon, as we reminisce on all of the things that made our childhoods great.

“We weren’t iPad babies, but we’re iPad adults.” Taylor, in the debut episode

So if you played Miniclip games on the school computers…

Or if you counted down the days until the next Captain Underpants book or Series of Unfortunate Events novel…

Or if George Lopez tucked you in at 10:00pm sharp…

You’re a Y2Kid. Come join us. We’re gonna have a lot of fun watching movies that don’t hold up, eating Happy Meals, and swearing we’re the greatest generation.*

*The one with the most student loans.

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