Feature Presentation Is Looking for Writers to Join the Team

We’re looking for contributors of all kinds.

Photo by Delaney Van on Unsplash

Feature Presentation, the home of The Vince Vaughn-a-thon podcast, the Cut the Cord newsletter, monthly Staff Picks, and your guide to new releases, First Run, is growing!

We’re planning to add a few more podcasts to our network, expand to new platforms, and ramp up our roster of writers and columnists.

So if you’re a film fanatic, list maker, podcast hopeful, video store regular, aspiring critic, or all around movie lover — we’re ready to meet you.

We’re looking for thoughtful, well-researched articles, lists, and contributions. We’re hoping to find writers and creators that will stick with us for awhile and we will plan together what you will write, instead of submitting to a publication and waiting to hear back. If you’re one of those people that thinks of an idea and your article is up a few hours later, maybe we’re not the place for you. But if you’re looking for a place where you can dive deep into a director’s filmography, 70s scifi, or movies featuring iconic swimming pools, you might like Feature Presentation.

You’ll join a growing roster of writers, podcast hosts, advanced screening junkies, and double-feature fanatics who love to collaborate, chat movies, and pay the 3D upcharge.

If you never got the chance to run the counter at the video store and give everyone your offbeat suggestions, now is your chance. We can’t pay for contributions yet, but you’ll keep every dime from the Medium Partner Program, join a team ready to have fun, and have a blast.

Email us at featurepresentationvideo@gmail.com and we’ll get the conversation rolling.




A place for film, television, and pop culture history.

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Patrick J. Regal

Patrick J. Regal

Educator. Artist. Founder and Editor of Feature Presentation. Instagram: patrickjregal

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