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Wednesday 28 January 2015

What’s Up In The Sky?

Stalking The Moon - Astronomer Carolyn Collins Petersen takes a look at our closest neighbor in space as it looks from Earth. Learn about the Moon’s phases, find out how it got those craters and see where to look for it each night. Carolyn’s weekly Learnboard What’s Up In The Sky This Week? is a marvelous companion to going outside and looking up.

“Mountain Moonset” by Jessie Eastland

Bill Nye Takes You Even Further - The Moon is 238,900 miles from Earth. It took the New Horizons probe only nine hours to travel that distance. It took *nine years* to get to Pluto. During a StarTalk Live event in San Francisco, guest host Bill Nye, comedian Eugene Mirman, as well as two guest scientists and one guest comedian talked about Pluto. What they revealed is astonishing. Learnist’s Lauren Kelly takes a look.

Bill Nye

Long Live Radio

Long Live Radio

Radio Is Still King - With streaming services and satellites, you might think that terrestrial radio like AM and FM are dead. Not so. Of the 320 million of us in the United States, 298 million are still active radio listeners, especially in our cars. Learnist’s Patrick Weber unpacks the reasons why radio isn’t going anywhere for a while yet.

Get Ready for Game Day

With Super Bowl XLIX coming up this Sunday, we’re helping you to get set. Learn to play Super Bowl Squares with your friends or family, and be prepared for proposition betting too.

Also, featured contributor Emily Dingmann has the scoop on ten delicious dips for the day (or for any day).

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