Featured Follow- An Introduction

Twitter is an incredibly powerful, and valuable tool. The value of the service unfortunately isn’t easy to capture, or understand for new, or even most users. When people first sign up for a Twitter account, the accounts suggested for them to follow are celebrities, and public figures, the people who are the least likely to actually engage with anyone using the service.

We’ve found that the real magic of Twitter lies in the new people you can discover, the conversations you can have with them, and the relationships that you can build over time, whether online, or evolving to offline. Twitter should do a better job of surfacing users that a person might share common interests, or passions with, who has also demonstrated that they engage with other people on the service. Twitter’s real power lies in exposing all of us to unique, interesting, and intelligent voices, with different points of view. With Featured Follow, we hope to highlight one new person every week who we believe might make your Twitter timeline an even better place.

We don’t work at Twitter, so we cannot overhaul the user discovery experience for the product, but what we have decided to do is highlight some of our favorite accounts to follow, and interact with on there. We’ve both met incredibly interesting, smart, funny, and thoughtful people on Twitter, who’ve made being a user exponentially better for us, and Featured Follow is our effort to introduce you to some of our favorites.

We hope you’ll follow along.

Ryan & Kunal